Rocsys reveals new partners for its robotic charging solutions

The Dutch company Rocsys, which specialises in robotic charging solutions for electric vehicles, is pleased to welcome two new partners: Easymile from France and Autocar from the USA. Both companies intend to utilise Rocsys charging solutions in the future.

Image: Rocsys

Rocsys has been developing its autonomous charging platform, which is based on robotics and AI-based computer vision, since 2019. The idea is for a robot to be capable of plugging and unplugging the charging cables and carrying out the entire process automatically, without any human intervention. This technology is what Easymile and Autocar now want to utilise.

The partnership is in line with Easymile and Rocsys’ vision of a future in which industrially utilised autonomous vehicles can charge themselves seamlessly, without human intervention or downtime. It aims to enable fleets of autonomous vehicles to operate continuously to maximise uptime and productivity. “Having an autonomous transport operation is not just about driving; it’s about providing a comprehensive, industrialized, and certified solution,” explains Alban Brisy, Director of Business Development at Easymile. “Since 2020, we have been diligently developing the best autonomous transport solution, and we are thrilled to announce the successful qualification of Rocsys’ solution with our autonomous terminal trucks. This qualification marks a crucial step towards providing fully certified autonomous container transport solutions by 2025.”

Elwin Roetman, Director of Strategic Accounts and Partnerships at Rocsys, adds: “At Rocsys, we have developed a hands-free charging system that can seamlessly charge any vehicle without human intervention, perfect for operations built around self-driving vehicles where human intervention is light. We are delighted to partner with EasyMile and demonstrate the compatibility of our systems, showcasing to seaports and all autonomous electric vehicle (EV) fleet managers that our solutions can deliver real benefits in terms of scalability, safety, efficiency, and uptime.”

Hands-free charging of terminal trucks

For Autocar, a truck manufacturer from the USA, the cooperation is about ‘hands-free charging’ of electric terminal tractors in distribution centres, inland ports and other logistics facilities. “Hands-free charging is a pivotal advancement in the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets,” said Andrew Taitz, Chairman of Autocar. “We are delighted to partner with Rocsys and leverage their expertise in delivering cutting-edge hands-free charging solutions. This collaboration underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of EV adoption and providing our customers with a broad range of powertrain solutions to support their specific needs.”

Thanks to the partnership with Rocsys, Autocar’s aim is to provide its customers with electric trucks that are always ready for use in combination with a non-manual charging station that is set up for them on site. “By eliminating the need for manual intervention, hands-free charging ensures uninterrupted and efficient charging operations round the clock, enhancing fleet productivity and sustainability,” says Taitz. Autocar and Rocsys have already received a pilot order from an Autocar customer to support their logistics operations and are ready to revolutionise the landscape of electric truck fleets.

Crijn Bouman, CEO and co-founder of Rocsys, says: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Autocar in providing our hands-free charging solutions for their electric vehicles. Autocar’s dedication to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with our vision of safer, efficient, and more seamless e-mobility, making them the ideal partner as we explore the potential of hands-free charging for ports and distribution centers.”

Bouman added that hands-free charging not only streamlines charging operations, but also minimises wear and tear on charging cables and plugs, ensuring reliable and fast charging for electric fleets. (Autocar), (Easymile)


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