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Mar 31, 2021 - 01:15 pm

Mercedes-AMG reveals electrification strategy details

Mercedes-AMG has officially announced the details of its electrification strategy with performance hybrids and battery-electric derivatives based on the new Mercedes Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) for luxury and luxury cars. AMG’s first electrified road models are set to debut later this year.

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Oct 29, 2019 - 01:49 pm

Daimler’s rumoured electric offensive for Mercedes-AMG

The new head of Daimler, Ola Källenius, plans the comprehensive electrification for the sports car brand AMG. The aim is supposedly not only to double the performance brand subsidiary’s sales but also rely on (partially) electric drives – out of necessity.

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Mar 14, 2019 - 01:34 pm

Mercedes-AMG to offer all models as PHEV

Mercedes-AMG will optionally offer all future models as plug-in hybrids. This was explained by Frank Overmeyer, emissions strategist at Daimler. Mercedes-AMG currently offers a range of mild hybrid models, but will not continue on this path.

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Sep 4, 2017 - 08:23 am

UK, Toyota, Mercedes-AMG, Alcraft, Vietnam, Bentley.

UK sees more scrappage schemes: Five more carmakers have followed Ford, Mercedes and Hyundai by launching scrappage schemes in the UK. VW realises its plans and pays British drivers up to 6,000 pounds when they scrap older diesel cars and buy a new model of the VW group. Further schemes will be introduced by Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Kia – with saving potentials around 2,000 pounds. However, Nissan is the only carmaker to particularly encourage to buy EVs. While VW’s programme targets diesel cars the other schemes work with any car bought before 2010.
theguardian.com, autocar.co.uk, volkswagen.co.uk (VW), autocar.co.uk (Nissan), autocar.co.uk (Toyota), cardealermagazine.co.uk (Kia and Renault)

Toyota’s next hybrid generation: The Japanese carmaker shows its C-HR Hy-Power Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show, developed by its European Design Centre in France. The first teaser photo hints to a sporty crossover version of the current C-HR, while the name promises higher performance. So far, the C-HR comes with a 1.8 litre combustion engine and a 122 PS electric motor.
carscoops.com, newsroom.toyota.eu

Showtime for the Project One: Ahead of Frankfurt’s IAA, Daimler presents a teaser of the Mercedes-AMG Project One, a hyper car full of Formula 1 hybrid tech, but created to conquer the road. Meanwhile also some vehicle specifications have been released: Thus, the two-seater’s output accumulates to more than 1000 hp, top speed is exceeding 350 km/h.
autocar.co.uk, carscoops.com, greencarcongress.com

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Alcraft promotes EV rendering: The British start-up has unveiled first pictures of its GT concept car and is about to show a 33-percent scale foam model at the Cenex LCV event at Millbrook this week. In order to create a full-size version, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign, hoping to gather 600,000 pounds. The GT shall come with 3 motors, an output of 600 hp, a range of 480 km and be ready for production kick-off in 2019, according to the company’s plans.
autocar.co.uk, motor1.com, alcraftmotor.com

Vietnam to produce domestic cars: The country’s largest real-estate company Vingroup JSC intends to invest up to 3.5 bn dollars to enter the car production business. Its plans include to set up a manufacturing as well as a R&D complex and to create EVs along with sedans and sports vehicles for millions of Vietnamese. In a first phase, the company installs a factory worth 1 to 1.5bn dollars. The first cars shall roll off the lines within 2 years.
bloomberg.com, reuters.com, en.vietnamplus.vn

Hybrid version of Bentley’s Continental GT: While Bentley is about to put its next-gen Continental GT on display at the IAA event in Frankfurt, it confirms that the car will also be available as petrol-electric version, equipped with the same tech as the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. The Continental GT Hybrid’s electric range shall cover 31 miles, further details have not yet been given.

May 30, 2017 - 07:22 am

Australia, Mercedes-AMG, Ruhr-Uni Bochum, Renesas.

News of Gigafactories accumulate with Australia joining Germany and Thailand. Plans by Boston Energy and Innovation are definite as they lead a global consortium, which already agreed with the city of Townsville to build a battery plant with a capacity of 15 GWh per annum. This translates to 200,000 car batteries, or one million home storage units, or 300 microgrids. Location scouting is on and once found, a feasibility study will start. Meanwhile, the same partners, which also include Australian graphite producer Magnis Resources and U.S. battery specialists, want to erect a similar sized facility in the state of New York at the IBM HQ on Huron campus.
reneweconomy.com.au, australianmanufacturing.com.au

mercedes-amg-project-one-teaser-hypercar-300x150The ultimate hyper car: Mercedes-AMG released spare data on its Project One, destined to put F1 technology on the road. The 1,000 hp hybrid combines the F1-based 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 with four electric motors. As the edition is limited to 275 units, demand has already overtaken supply.
autoblog.com, carscoops.com

Self-healing catalyst: Chemists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have developed a catalyst with self-repairing properties when “hurt” during water electrolysis for hydrogen production. The healing works as long as the required nanoparticle powder is present in the electrolyte solution.

Japan-China alliance for autonomous EV: Japanese Chipmaker Renesas is to work with China’s Great Wall Motor to develop technology for self-driving and electric cars for the latter’s home market. Renesas will send engineers but ultimately hopes to expand its own semi-conductor sales in China.


Mar 7, 2017 - 10:38 am

PSA + Opel, Mercedes AMG, Mahindra, Tesla, Polaris, Kia.

PSA buys Opel: The deal is done, the French group acquired GM’s Opel/Vauxhall brand for 2.2bn euros and thus creates a new European car force. The agreement includes the Ampera-e aka Chevy Bolt technology but Peugeot, Citroen and now Opel would be wise to develop their own electric offering rather sooner than later. PSA is indeed determined to make its new family member profitable within three years, although Opel recorded its 16th consecutive full-year loss. GM will receive 1.32bn euros for the brand’s manufacturing arm in both cash and PSA share warrants. The remaining 900m euros will be paid by the Paris-based carmaker and BNP Paribas for the financing side of Opel-Vauxhall.
reuters.com, greencarcongress.com, autonews.com

This is the first EQ Power+ model and also Mercedes AMG’s premier in-house developed sedan. While the teaser video does not reveal too much of the AMG GT Concept destined to debut in Geneva, it will almost certainly be offered as PHEV, because it bears the EQ Power+ label visibly – EQ Power+ reportedly is the new label Daimler reserved for high performance hybrids.
youtube.com, autoevolution.com, autocar.co.uk

Indian e-racer? Mahindra wants to utilise its Italian design studio Pininfarina for its own line-up to develop an electric sports car. A feasibility study is underway already, according to the Economic Times, and will be completed within the next three to six months.

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Tesla readies its Korea launch with first showrooms due to open soon in Seoul and Hanam. Furthermore, the EV maker is setting up Superchargers as well as a network of Destination Chargers.
yonhapnews.co.kr (showrooms), koreatimes.co.kr (infrastructure)

Polaris wants to build e-motorcycles again despite the defeat of its Victory brand. A new electric motorbike will bear the label Indian and can be expected within 4 – 5 years, the company said.

Kia electric in China: The Korean carmaker plans to use its Chinese JV Dongfeng Yueda Kia to build an electric sedan this year. The 300E from the sub-brand Horki is based on the Kia Cerato and will only be available in China, where Kia just started to sell its hybrid Niro as well. The crossover goes from 149,800 yuan (about 20,500 euros) and thus rivals BYD’s Yuan SUV that costs 50,000 yuan more. Kia has to act aggressively as its sales in China plummeted by almost 40% from a year earlier.

Jan 12, 2017 - 09:17 am

Mercedes AMG, Tesla, Kia, BYD, Munro Motor.

mercedes-amg-project-one-teaser-hypercar_300x150pxHybrid anniversary gift: The Mercedes-AMG hyper car that will hit the road for the companies 50th anniversary, will be called Project One. It will be presented at this year’s IAA. Mercedes-AMG meanwhile released a new teaser and confirmed that the vehicle will be fitted with the hybrid drivetrain from the current Formula One racer.
autocar.co.uk, gtspirit.com, topgear.com

New Autopilot programme lead: Chris Lattner, an 11-year Apple veteran and creator of the Swift programming language, has taken a new job as Vice-President of Autopilot Software at Tesla. He takes over the steering wheel from Jinnah Hosein, SpaceX’s Vice President of Software, who will now fully focus his time on the space venture.
electrek.co, teslarati.com, tesla.com

New electrified car? Kia unveiled a four-door sports limousine called Stinger at the NAIAS in Detroit. Autocar reports that the new car could be made available as a hybrid variant – and possible even as a purely electric vehicle.

BYD expands: The Chinese manufacturer wants to kick off construction of two new factories in Latin America before the end of the year. It will serve as production site for electric busses for the local market, as well as complement existing production facilities for the U.S., Hungary, and Brazil.

Chinese Munro Motor presented a retro-style electric moped. The Munro 2.0 weighs just above 35 kg and features a Bosch electric motor. Top speed is capped at 28 mph (45 kph and the exchangeable battery pack has enough capacity for 30 miles (50 km) of range. In China, pricing start at around 800 dollars, while the e-moped will be offered in the U.S. for 1,700 dollars from April.
techcrunch.com, electrek.co

Jul 26, 2016 - 08:38 am

Tesla, Chevy, Hyundai, Mercedes-AMG, Hong Kong.

Is Tesla closing the solar deal? The planned SolarCity takeover may go down very soon, Reuters reports, citing people close to the matter. The merger could be signed in the coming days. However, there is still a possibility that negotiation won’t bear any fruits after all.

Chevy-Bolt-ProductionChevy Bolt update: According to Automotive News, GM will begin with production of the all-electric Chevy Bolt in October, shooting for a yearly output of 25,000 units. The range extender version Volt is said to get a makeover in 2019 that will also increase its all-electric range.
autonews.com via greencarreports.com

Hyundai’s H2 plans: Hyundai’s next fuel cell model will be ready in time for the winter Olympics in 2018 in Pyeonchang. It will be a mix of CUV and SUV and feature a smaller electric motor with more output, as well as a fuel cell that requires less platinum in the catalyst.

AMG hybrid? Mercedes-AMG is allegedly planning a super sports car with hybrid drivetrain for its 50th anniversary in 2017. The R50 would have 1,300 hp and feature two electric motors to drive the front wheels. The limited edition hybrid will then sell for two or three million euros.

Tour cars electrified: As part of the third Formula E season kick off in October, Hong Kong wants to conduct the world’s first electric tour car race. It will see 15 retrofitted e-Golf go up against one another. A first model has already been tested successfully.
carscoops.com, motorsport.com

Tesla 60 priced: The carmaker announced the leasing rates for the 60 kWh variants of its Model S and X in the U.S. The Model S 60 will thus be available for 667 dollars per month, while the dual-drive version will go for 742 dollars per month. The monthly leasing rate for the Model X 60D has meanwhile be set at 788 dollars.

Apr 25, 2016 - 08:13 am

Geely, USA, Mercedes-AMG, Mitsubishi, Formula E, Nissan Leaf.

Geely-LogoGeely gets green: Chinese Geely will invest 8bn yuan to build alternative energy vehicles at a new 600 acre base in Hangzhou near Shanghai. The manufacturer intends to produce 100,000 electric vehicles in the first year. These EVs will account for approximately 35 percent of the planned alternative energy vehicle portfolio.

Senate approves: Despite initial objections, the U.S. Senate has voted to reauthorize a 1.6 bn dollar federal programme to boost hybrid and electric vehicle development. The bill suggests spending 339m dollars per year on research, development, engineering, demonstration, and the manufacturing of vehicles and components. Funding is set to expire in 2020.

AMG supercar: Mercedes-AMG considers a supercar powered by an F1-derived hybrid powertrain and carbon fibre tub, and small-small capacity V6 engine. The car is expected to cost about the 200,000 pounds and be conceptually more similar to the BMW i8 than limited edition hypercars like i.e. the McLaren P1 or LaFerarri.

imiev-czero-ionMitsubishigate: Japanese media reports that Mitsubishi has issued misleading data about its internationally sold, all-electric i-MiEV. The carmaker already admitted to manipulating fuel readings for automobiles sold in Japan and has been ordered by Japan’s Transport Ministry to submit a full report on their test data by May 18th.

Di Grassi triumphant: The FIA Formula E race took place in Paris this past weekend, with Lucas di Grassi emerging triumphant and taking his third win this season. The race started with a tellingly slow start from Sam Bird and ended with a safety car being deployed after Chinese racer Ma Qing Hua crashed in the final laps.

Long-term Leaf: Autocar takes a look at the new 30 kWh Nissan Leaf that, following a battery upgrade at the beginning of the year, should have 25 percent more range than the previous model. Driving the souped up Tekna variant, journalists found that the new generation is indeed more capable and practical.

Oct 7, 2014 - 08:33 am

Volkswagen, Mercedes-AMG, Chevrolet, UNIST.

500 kilometres of range by the end of this decade is what Volkswagen’s head of development, Heinz-Jakob Neußer, is expecting as his company is working on cells with around 60 Ah density as well as new battery chemistries. Already in 2015-2017, the e-Golf could get as far as 300 km on one charge, he said.

Technology transfer: Daimler’s performance brand AMG is to embody hybrid technology that proves successful in the Formula 1, head of development, Thomas Weber, announced. The “F1-style” hybridisation is said to enhance efficiency and performance of the luxury cars further.

New Chevy Volt engine? Apparently, the next generation Volt could be the first to use GM’s new 1.0 Ecotec Turbo, Automotive News reports. The new three-cylinder engine is currently on display at the Paris Motor Show powering the new Opel/Vauxhall Corsa.
gm-volt.com, hybridcars.com

It’s in the mix: Researchers from Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) developed a new cathode material mix. The NCA (nickel-cobalt-aluminum) Li-ion cathode is similar to that used in Tesla cars or the Nissan Leaf and promises greater stability and efficiency.

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Most clicked link on Monday was the news about the new electric Smart ForTwo and ForFour to arrive in 2016, which will feature an all-new powertrain and battery.

Mar 31, 2014 - 08:22 am

Mercedes AMG SLS Electric Drive, Cadillac ELR.

Video tip: TopGear called for the war of the roses when putting the Mercedes AMG SLS Electric Drive up against its brother, the SLS AMG Black Series. See for yourself if the extra electric power is enough to beat the lightweight!
youtube.com via hybridcars.com

Click tip: Photoshop can make the world look so much better and has been applied to this rendering of a Caddy ELR – now convertible. Suddenly, the pool advertisement is starting to make sense…

Found on electrive.com
31.03.2021 13:21