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Dec 13, 2016 - 08:55 am

Nissan Leaf, Navigant Research.

Reading tip: A Dutch Nissan Leaf driver is getting his money back, since the EV was not able to go the promised 130 kilometres on one charge – which is what he would have needed for his daily commute. It is unclear whether the court ruled on how big the difference between range specified by the manufacturer and reality could be or if this case can and will set a precedence.

Study tip: Navigant Research sees the market for electric commercial trucks grow tenfold over the next decade. Awareness about air quality and tighter emission standards will be driving factors. The research firm therefore predicts 332,000 hybrid, electric or hydrogen-powered trucks on the road by 2026.
hybridcars.com, navigantresearch.com

Nov 24, 2016 - 09:32 am

Smart ForTwo ED, Navigant Research.

Click tip: You want to already get a virtual feel for the new Smart ForTwo Electric Drive? Inside EVs has put together some images and videos shot by Daimler, as well as from first test drives to give you an idea of what’s to come.

Study tip: Navigant Research’s new “Leaderboard report” looks at strategies and their implementation at twelve leading charging network companies. The list includes The New Motion, ChargePoint, EV-Box and Chargemaster.
electriccarsreport.com, businesswire.com, navigantresearch.com

Oct 12, 2016 - 07:51 am

Navigant Research, Formula E.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts that the global market for buses with electric (incl. fuel cell) and hybrid drivetrains will grow from 120,000 units today to 180,000 in 2026. The majority of these buses will continue to operate on electricity.
greencarcongress.com, navigantresearch.com

Video tip: The first race of the third season of the Formula E took place in Hong Kong over the weekend. Sebastian Buemi (Renault e.dams) took first place. Here the highlights of that race.



Jul 18, 2016 - 08:02 am

Navigant Research, Tesla Town.

Research tip: Global e-bike sales will increase to an annual revenue of 24.3bn dollars by 2025, a new Navigant Research report suggests. Worldwide, electric bikes, both throttle-controlled and pedal-assisted, remain the strongest selling segment of electric vehicles with nearly 35m unit sales forecast for 2016.
navigantresearch.com via businesswire.com

Reading tip: Tesla Town is a new suburb in Melbourne, where the walls have Tesla power on them and roofs are covered with solar panels. The first 60 green homes developed by Glenvill have just gone on sale. While promotion does not include a Tesla vehicle, EV charging points are planned.
onestepoffthegrid.com.au via electrek.co

Jun 20, 2016 - 08:38 am

Robot traffic jam.

A robot in Russia reportedly “got loose” when a researcher forgot to properly shut a gate at a research facility. The robot, which was being taught to move independently through a space, wandered into a busy street and caused a traffic jam. The chase only ended, when its battery finally died.
bbc.com, rt.com

Apr 6, 2016 - 09:02 am

Toyota Prius, Navigant Research.

Video tip: Kelley Blue Book is looking at the new Toyota Prius and is (almost reluctantly) impressed by efficiency, handling, and styling inside and out. The only complaints: hard arm-rests and the visor.

Research tip: Navigant Research predicts an annual capacity of 11 GWh for stationery energy storage constructed from disused EV and PHEV batteries by 2035. The analysts note that it is a win-win situation for both car and ESS manufacturers.
navigantresearch.com via greencarcongress.com


Nov 27, 2015 - 08:28 am

Navigant Research, Nissan Leaf, Events.

Research tip: Navigant Research published its”Lithium Ion Batteries for Transportation” report. It sets LG Chem apart as leading provider of power packs for electric and hybrid vehicles. The Koreans are closely pursued by Panasonic and Samsung SDI. All three excel in both strategy and execution.
navigantresearch.com via greencarcongress.com

Video tip: Take a good and long (20 min) look at the 2016 Nissan Leaf with the new 30-kWh battery. Obviously, the so-called first look fully takes in the interior, handling and includes a glimpse under the hood as well. It’s more of a how-to-guide than a review.
youtube.com via insideevs.com

Upcoming events: EEVC 2015 (Dec 01-04; Brussels, Belgium) ++ Solutions COP21 (Dec 04-10; Paris, France)
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Oct 16, 2015 - 10:10 am

Electric Ferrari, Plug-in sales prediction.

Video tip: Translogic has tested a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS, which EV West converted to an electric beauty. The show also teamed up with virtual reality specialists to deliver a 360-view of the test drive. Take a seat and a good look around.
youtube.com (VR test ride) via autoblog.com (making of)

Research tip: According to Navigant Research, about 7.4 million plug-in light-duty vehicles could be sold in North America between 2015 and 2024. Navigant admits however, that its rather optimistic outlook is based on growing infrastructure.
navigantresearch.com, autoblog.com

Aug 27, 2015 - 08:11 am

DriveNow, Navigant Research.

Video tip: DriveNow recently introduced 100 all-electric i3 cars for customers in the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich (we reported). In a new video, BMW explains why electric carsharing is an important component of sustainable urban mobility concepts.

Study tip: In a new report, Navigant Research forecasts the global market for Li-ion batteries in light duty and medium/heavy duty vehicles will almost quadruple from 7.8bn dollars in 2015 to 30.6bn dollars in 2024.

May 29, 2015 - 08:56 am

PEV sales in North America, Grimsel, Events.

Research tip: By 2024, as much as 1.1 million light duty plug-ins could be sold annually in North America, Navigant predicts. A lot more than the 133,000 in 2014, although the States are already the biggest market.
navigantresearch.com via greencarcongress.com

Video tip: The Berlin ePrix saw the demonstration of the ‘Grimsel’, built by students of ETH Zürich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The electric racer holds the Guiness record for EV acceleration as it goes from 0 to 100 kph in just 1,785 seconds.

Events for the upcoming weekManaging Freight in London (June 2; London, UK) ++ Hansa Green Tour (June 3-6; Netherlands-Germany-Denmark) ++ Battery China & EVTec (June 3-5; Beijing, China) ++ FIA Formula E, Round 9 (June 6; Moscow, Russia)

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Apr 29, 2015 - 08:25 am

Electric buses and trucks, Pre-owned Tesla Model S.

Research tip: A new report by Navigant Research predicts sales of up to 805,000 electric buses and trucks from 2014 until 2023. The analysts base their prognosis on technological advances.
navigantresearch.com via electriccarsreport.com

Click tip: You can now order a second-hand Tesla directly through the Californian company’s website. Prices for the pre-owned EVs start at around 65,000 dollars that include a 4-year and 50,000-mile warranty. Of course, buyers won’t qualify for any federal, state or local tax credits or incentives.
teslamotors.com (re-own) via teslarati.com

Mar 23, 2015 - 09:47 am

Electric motorcycles and scooters, Tesla Model X.

Research tip: Navigant Research’s latest study on electric motorcycles and electric scooters predicts that until 2024 sales could grow from today’s 5.3 million to 6 million annually.
electriccarsreport.com, navigantresearch.com

Click tip: Another eXciting sighting of the Model X has been banned on film and is now available online. Tesla’s much discussed next model is scheduled to go on sale later this year.
youtube.com via teslarati.com

Mar 17, 2015 - 10:01 am

U.S. tax credit, V2G services.

Reading tip: Hybrid Cars discusses whether the 7,500 plug-in car tax credit in the U.S. needs an overhaul, as the Obama administration had proposed at an earlier date. If reformed, it could be turned into a point-of-sale rebate.

Research tip: A new study by Navigant Research is looking at V2G applications for electric vehicles. The analysts forecast market volume for vehicle-to-grid services to grow from 335,000 dollars in 2015 to 20.7 million in 2024.
greencarcongress.com, navigantresearch.com

Feb 23, 2015 - 09:58 am

Electric vehicle charging services, Utilities.

Research tip: A new study by Navigant Research called “Electric Vehicle Charging Services” believes the market for EV charging equipment will grow from today’s 152.6 million to 2.9 billion dollars by 2023.
navigantresearch.com via electriccarsreport.com

Reading tip: Diane Cardwell follows up on an emerging trend across the States where more and more utility providers try to tap into the EV market by setting up charging stations.

Jan 28, 2015 - 09:26 am

E-bike market, Fracking.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts that by 2023, e-bikes sales will surpass 360 million units per year. The technological trends include combined throttle-control and pedal-assist models, electric cargo bicycles, retrofit kits and wheels, 3D-printed bicycles, and the use of e-bikes in security applications.

Reading tip: Ben Griffin explores the question what impact the booming fracking will have on the electric car industry. Fracking could increase access to oil tenfold, but Griffin quotes Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying that EV fans will remain EV fans, no matter the price of petrol.

Jan 22, 2015 - 09:38 am

Light duty electric vehicles market, PEV sales in the U.S.

Report tip: Navigant Research predicts that the market for light duty electric vehicles will reach 6.4 million dollars in 2023, compared to 2.7 million in 2014. The report also suggests that advancements of fuel-efficient combustion engines could threaten the hybrid market share.
puregreencars.com, navigantresearch.com

Reading tip: What about Barack Obama’s call to get one million plug-in electric vehicles on the roads by 2015? As David Shepardson reports, the U.S. haven’t even come close to that number and it could take at least four more years to hit the mark.

Nov 6, 2014 - 09:25 am

Electric bicycle forecast, EV charging in Beijing.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts that the market for e-bikes will grow only slightly from 31.7 million sold worldwide this year to 40.3 million in 2023. China’s marketshare could drop from now 91 percent to 85 percent in the next decade, according to Navigant.
greencarcongress.com, navigantresearch.com

Reading tip: Bureaucracy and missing infrastructure are causing many potential EV buyers in Beijing to reconsider. There are too few possibilities to use public charging points and red tape makes installing a private charging point quite a hassle.

Oct 24, 2014 - 08:34 am

PEV forecast, Norway, McLaren P1 GTR, Events.

Study tip: According to Navigant Research, 2.4 percent of all new vehicles sold by 2023 could be plug-ins. Luxury brands are said to lead this trend, as they are increasingly focusing on EV development and could already make up 50 percent of all EV sales by 2018.
greencarcongress.com, navigantresearch.com

Video tip 1: Norway is like heaven for EVs. Nissan looks at how the country came to love electric cars and what they are doing to further promote their use. It shows that the main reasons business choose electric cars is the environment and saving costs.
youtube.com via electric-vehiclenews.com

Video tip 2: McLaren presents its P1 GTR programme that allows drivers to drive a simulator before taking the McLaren vehicles to a test track. The idea is to offer each driver a unique inside into the world of McLaren, before getting behind the wheel.
youtube.com via electriccarsreport.com

Events for the upcoming week: New Mobility (Oct 27-29; Leipzig, Germany) ++ International Conference Electromobility (Oct 27; Leipzig, Germany) ++ Singapore International Energy Week (Oct 27-31; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) ++ EV2014VÉ (Oct 28-30; Vancouver, Canada)
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Aug 27, 2014 - 08:36 am

UK Superchargers, Electric motorcycles and scooters, Sebastian Vettel.

From London to Birmingham and back: And that in a Tesla Model S, using only Supercharger stations. It took driver Jack Rix five hours to complete his 234-mile journey, which he admits, is not the fastest way, but when he attempted the trip in a Nissan Leaf, it took him even 15 hours.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts 55 million electric motorcycles and scooters to be sold between this year and 2023 worldwide. The report provides an overview of current barriers, market drivers and key technologies. It also looks at how government programmes influence sales.
navigantresearch.com (free executive summary) via businesswire.com

Video tip: Formula-1 driver Sebastian Vettel is the first ever to drive a full lap around the newly completed Sotchi Autodrom Grand Prix Circuit. And he did so in an Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. A ride Vettel enjoyed quietly.

Aug 13, 2014 - 08:19 am

EV and PHEV sales worldwide, Building a Tesla Supercharger.

Research tip: Annual sales of EVs and plug-in hybrids will grow from nowadays 352,000 to up to 1.8 millions by 2023, Navigant estimates. The Asia-Pacific region will register the strongest growth and might overtake the U.S. already by 2018.
navigantresearch.com, electriccarsreport.com

Video tip: In this time-lapse clip, the complete erection process for one of Tesla’s Supercharger sites has been compressed down to seven minutes. Follow the link to how constructors built the Supercharger in Goodland, Kansas, in eleven days.
youtube.com via transportevolved.com

Jul 25, 2014 - 08:36 am

EV batteries, Event.

Research tip: Navigant Research expects revenue from Li-ion batteries for ‘light duty consumer vehicles’ to grow from 5.7 billion dollars today to 24.1 billion dollars in 2023. Battery electric vehicles will make 15.1 billion of that total.

Event for the upcoming week: Formula Student Electric (July 29th – August 3rd, Hockenheimring, Germany)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

May 14, 2014 - 08:41 am

Electric motorcycles and scooters, Nissan ZEOD RC.

Study tip: According to Navigant Research, power two-wheel vehicles (PTW), including e-motorcycles and e-scooters will continue to grow rather slowly, from 1.2 million vehicles in 2014 to 1.4 million in 2023 (e-motorcycles) and 4.1 million to 4.6 million (e-scooters).
navigantresearch.com via electriccarsreport.com

Video tip: Jason Fenske from ‘Engineering Explained’ looks at the electrical systems and Zero Emissions on Demand (ZEOD) motors of Nissan’s ZEOD RC which has a top speed of 300 kph.
youtube.com (video) via electriccarsreport.com

Apr 30, 2014 - 08:45 am

BYD, EV West, Navigant Research.

Video tip I: Aptly name “Quality,” BYD published a video on its rigorous testing methods – in a rather stylised manner…
youtube.com via insideevs.com

Video tip II: EV West built the tablet-controlled electric 818 for Factory Five and 33 Machine. Hold on tight, you are in for a ride!

Study tip: Navigant forecasts a growth rate of 23.7 percent for plug-in electric vehicles worldwide and expects to see more than 2.7 million PEVs on American roads by 2023.
navigantresearch.com via electriccarsreport.com

Apr 25, 2014 - 08:30 am

Plug-in electric vehicles, UK charging stations.

Study tip: Another forecast by Navigant Research sees the U.S. keeping its leading position as largest market for light-duty plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) with sales exceeding 514,000 in 2023.

Video tip: Dominic Tobin from ‘Sunday Times’ drove a range-extended BMW i3 around London and to Bristol to check out the various different public charging spots. Unfortunately not every charging spot was working.

Mar 3, 2014 - 09:47 am

Fully Charged, Navigant Research, Kia Soul EV.

Video tip: The Fully Charged show reviewed the second generation Nissan Leaf and explains the main improvements over the first generation. As it is built in British Sunderland they took the chance to look at its production as well.
youtube.com (video)

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts worldwide sales of wireless EV charging equipment for light-duty vehicles to grow by 108%, thus amounting to annual sales of more than 300,000 units in 2022.
navigantresearch.com, greencarcongress.com

Video tip: Before the introduction of its Kia Soul EV later this year, the Korean engineers wanted to make sure it would withstand the Europes’s harshest conditions, namely the Swedish winter with freezing temperatures around -35°C. A truly cool video.
youtube.com (video)

Feb 13, 2014 - 09:30 am

Most innovative companies, V2G-enabled plug-in cars.

Click tip: Fast Company magazine published its list of the world’s ten most innovative companies. Tesla takes the first place because of its supercharger network that is speeding up EV adoption.

Study tip: A new report from Navigant Research predicts that from 2013 to 2022 more than 250,000 V2G-enabled plug-in cars will be sold worldwide.

Jan 9, 2014 - 09:23 am

Tesla, Navigant Research, Formula E.

Tesla has more Superchargers in the U.S. than there are states, with no. 51 and 52 just having been erected in Florida and Wisconsin. Tesla is on track to reach its target of covering 98 % of the U.S. population in 2015.
mein-elektroauto.com (In German)

35 million EVs worldwide: Navigant Research predicts that in 2022 there will be more than 35 million electric vehicles on the roads around the globe. Their forecast is based on rising gasoline prices and decreasing costs of EV ownership which will be further fuelled by innovations such as V2G systems.

Formula E Drivers’ Club: Membership in this circle surely is sought after, as its members might become the future racers in the upcoming e-racing series. Eight drivers have been added to the club so far, another ten will follow soon. Each of the ten Formula E teams will later choose their drivers from those fortunate 18.

Jan 9, 2014 - 09:22 am

Charging behaviour of EV users, EV Predictions for 2014.

Study tip: “Understanding Charging Behaviour of Electric Vehicle Users” by the TU Chemnitz, Germany, identifies different types of EV drivers with subjective levels of range anxiety and the respective charging patterns.
plugincars.com, sciencedirect.com (Study for purchase)

Click tip: Navigant Research has published a paper with ten predictions for the global EV industry in 2014 which Green Car Congress has summarised avidly. The year ahead is looking good!

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