UK Superchargers, Electric motorcycles and scooters, Sebastian Vettel.

From London to Birmingham and back: And that in a Tesla Model S, using only Supercharger stations. It took driver Jack Rix five hours to complete his 234-mile journey, which he admits, is not the fastest way, but when he attempted the trip in a Nissan Leaf, it took him even 15 hours.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts 55 million electric motorcycles and scooters to be sold between this year and 2023 worldwide. The report provides an overview of current barriers, market drivers and key technologies. It also looks at how government programmes influence sales. (free executive summary) via

Video tip: Formula-1 driver Sebastian Vettel is the first ever to drive a full lap around the newly completed Sotchi Autodrom Grand Prix Circuit. And he did so in an Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. A ride Vettel enjoyed quietly.


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