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Oct 29, 2015 - 02:31 pm

Nissan, Honda, Lexus, ZAP Jonway, BYD & Alexander Dennis, VW.

Nissan-IDS-ConceptAutonomous and electric is the IDS Concept Nissan unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Made from lightweight carbon and aerodynamically shaped, the Japanese hope for long range fed by a 60-kWh battery. The Intelligent Driving Technology imitates the driver’s style as soon as autopilot is enabled.

Mirai fighter: Honda is ready to take the Clarity Fuel Cell to production as its shows the serial model in Tokyo. Its range is given at 700 kilometres and launch is set for early 2016. As presumed, the body of the FCV will form the base of a battery-electric and plug-in hybrid version due in 2018.
autoblog.comgreencarcongress.comgreencarreports.com (EV and PHEV)

Mirai mirror: Lexus brings its own fuel cell concept to the Tokyo Motor Show. The LF-FC previews the next-gen LS. The fuel cells are scattered throughout the 5.3-metre luxury sedan, which boasts an all-wheel drive, including two electric in-wheel motors in the front.

Pressing demand: ZAP Jonway increases production of its EV Minivan to 50 units a day to fulfil an order by Dongfeng requesting delivery of 3,000 EV before the end of the year. A second shift might be added shortly to ensure a monthly output of 2,000 units continuously throughout 2016.

London bus update: The electric double-decker bus developed by BYD and assembled by Alexander Dennis in Britain (we reported) is able to carry 81 passengers and is fully air conditioned. With a range of up to 190 miles in city traffic one off-peak charge a day will suffice for service.

VW pushes electrification a little further as it plans to offer an all-electric Phaeton by the end of 2017. A plug-in hybrid version had been recently scheduled for debut late next year at the earliest. Furthermore, the Passat GTE and Tiguan GTE PHEV are destined for the Japanese market.
automobilwoche.de (in German)

Oct 14, 2015 - 09:59 am

H2 Mobility, ZAP Jonway, Malta, London, Slovenia.

German H2 initiative: H2 Mobility Deutschland becomes operative as a joint venture between Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total. The partners plan to accelerate the installation of hydrogen stations in Germany. H2 Mobility plans to install 400 stations by 2023.
the-linde-group.com, h2-mobility.de (Joint Venture)

EV deal for China expands: American-Sino EV maker ZAP Jonway says its plan to distribute 20,000 instead of initial 5,000 EV Minivans via Dongfeng’s dealer network next year. This number could increase to 100,000 units over the next three years.

EV boost in Malta: A new scrappage scheme will start in Malta next year. 7,000 euros are offered to those scrapping an 10-year old car to buy an EV. Hybrids are subsidised with up to 3,000 euros. Those not wanting to get rid of the old but want a new EV still get 4,000 euros.

FCV support: Transport for London will be the first customer in the UK for the Toyota Mirai. TfL ordered four Mirai models to assist with maintenance work. Toyota named the British capital as a key city for the introduction of its fuel cell car.

In Slovenia the first two of a total of 26 planned rapid-charging stations for electric cars have opened. The country intends to cover its motorway network with fast-charging opportunities standing no more than 50km away from each other before the year’s end.

Feb 6, 2015 - 09:47 am

France, ZAP Jonway, Kia, Polaris, Tesla.

French scrapping scheme: France’s government has announced to pay 10,000 euros for any diesel which is replaced with an electric car and 6,500 euros when buying a plug-in hybrid. The scheme is to run from April until the year’s end. Furthermore, “pastille vertes” (green stickers) will be introduced for clean vehicles which are will be rewarded with certain privileges.

Zap-Jonway-MinivanCalifornian EV for China: ZAP Jonway just signed an OEM agreement with Dong Feng Motor for 5,000 units of ZAP Jonway’s EV minivans to be sold under the Dong Feng brand and its partner Shi Kong in China. The minivan will here be classed as delivery vehicle with a bigger battery and less seats.

Kia update: The Koreans have published another teaser image for their hybrid concept to debut at the Chicago Auto Show and have released its name: Trail’ster e-AWD Concept.
electriccarsreport.com, autoblog.com

New electric motorcycle: After taking over Brammo, Polaris is already making plans to soon build their very own model. The company has filed a trademark for a “Victory Charger” and has added “Electric motorcycles and structural parts therefor” in the description.
insideevs.com, motorcycle-usa.com, blog.motorcycle.com

Tesla beats them all as the electric carmaker was awarded the highest rating of any manufacturer for its service in Consumer Report’s latest survey. Tesla thus outranked all dealerships and even independent garages with its on-time repairs, courtesy, price, quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Nov 5, 2014 - 09:22 am

SK Continental, B-Class ED, ZAP Jonway & AIMA, Brazil, KIA, KTM.

SK-Continental-E-motionBye-bye EV battery: The joint venture between Germany’s Continental and South Korea’s SK Innovation, established in 2013, might come to an end. Developing batteries for EVs is just not paying off, executives say, as the market is increasing more slowly than expected. Continental doesn’t see “any economic basis in the medium-term for the business operations in our joint venture” and “existing activities and investments have already been reduced considerably,” Dr. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of Continental’s Executive Board, stated.
bloomberg.com, continental-corporation.com

Sales kick off for B-Class ED in Germany: Pricing starts at 39,151 euros (49,186 USD), while the electric cars can be leased at a monthly rate of 399 euros (501 USD). The B-Class ED comes in three equipment lines and with an “Exclusive package” for an additional 1,309 euros (1,644 USD).
puregreencars.com, automotive-business-review.com

ZAP-AIMA deal: The Chinese-American company ZAP Jonway has signed a deal with electric motorcycle manufacturer AIMA in order to develop a new version of the Urbee, Starting in January, the new model will be sold via the 2,000 AIMA dealerships in China.

Brazil to introduce subsidies: Minister for development Mauro Borges said at the Sao Paulo International Motorshow that Brazil will introduce subsidies for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles. A few weeks ago, the government had announced that it would cut import duties for hybrid vehicles only, because it feared the national grid could not support EVs (we reported).
laht.com, greencarreports.com (earlier report)

Driving the Kia Soul EV: The Telegraph is not the “biggest fan” of the EV from South Korea, saying that performance nods off at about 50 mph and that the car “shivers and shakes on anything but billiard tables.” Lastly, pricing is an issue and the Kia Soul EV costs about as much as the BMW i3 in the UK.

Riding the KTM Freeride E-SX: The electric off-road motorcycle weighs only 108 kilos and the battery last for a maximum of 45 minutes of “moderate driving,” but can be swapped easily. Moreover, range is not really an issue, as KTM hopes to set up E-Park off-road tracks, where one can easily change or charge a bike.

Sep 17, 2014 - 08:27 am

Renault, Ford, ZAP-Jonway, VW, Easybike, Matra, Mercedes.

Light-weight plug-in hybrid by Renault: The French manufacturer will use its home show in Paris to unveil its compact concept Eolab. The small car weighs only 955 kilos and is driven by the ‘Z.E. Hybrid’ which combines a 78-hp petrol engine with a 50-kW electric drive. Renault aims to reach a fuel economy of 1-litre per 100 km and wants to use the technology in serial models within the next ten years.
autocar.co.uk, youtube.com (video)

Ford facelift: The C-Max, which is also available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid in the states, has been promised an “extreme makeover.” A first teaser picture has just been released. Later today, the new C-Max will be unveiled before it will have its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show.

Californian China EV: Zap subsidiary Jonway Auto says it has sold 2,000 EVs since June this year already. The Californian company produces low cost (electric) cars for the Chinese market and has just recently held an dealer event for about 150 prospective dealers.


Updated Touareg: Volkswagen gave its next generation Touareg a new look and added some technological advancements. In Europe it will launch this autumn while it will only come to the States and Asia early next year. As before, a hybrid version will be offered alongside diesel and gasoline engines.

Easybike to take over Matra: The two companies have signed a letter of intent to move Matra’s e-bike production to Easybike’s new plant in French Saint-Lo which is expected to be ready by 2015. The acquisition only concerns Matra’s e-bike business as the company will continue to produce spare parts for Renault.

Review 2016 S-Class plug-in: John Voelcker tried the brand new Mercedes S550 plug-in hybrid set to hit the States next spring. He finds it quite the luxurious ride you’d expect and is particularly impressed with the the shift between power modes as they are “far smoother than in any previous hybrid” from Daimler.

Aug 5, 2014 - 08:47 am

Nissan & Mitsubishi, Mahindra Reva, ZAP Jonway, Smart, Mini, NRG.

Electric city car: Nissan and Mitsubishi are planning to build a low-cost EV based on a minicar, Nikkei reports. The two Japanese companies have formed a 50:50 joint venture and want to offer the electric car for 1.5 million yen (14,600 dollars) including subsidies. The launch is set for 2016/17.

More EVs from India: Mahindra Reva is looking at bringing more electric cars to market. Apart from new versions of the e2o (we reported), the Verito, Maximo and Gio models will be electrified soon, Mahindra CEO Chetan Maini announced.

ZAP to double EV production: The Sino-American ZAP Jonway is concentrating its production in China on EVs and away from petrol-powered cars. The move follows the Chinese government’s decision to foster electric transport (we reported). ZAP plans to introduce new models by October.

ForFour Electric Drive confirmed: Smart has confirmed that it will issue an electric version of its small city car that sits four, but not before 2016. Until then, the Smart ED of 2013 will remain the Daimler subsidiary’s only EV currently in production.

Electric Mini around the corner? According to Automotive News an electric or hybrid version of the Mini could be issued as early as next year. The platform of the 2015 Mini Cooper provides for all types of drives and BMW has gathered experience with the electric Mini E demonstration cars.
autonews.com, transportevolved.com

NRG tightens bond with FuelCell Energy: NRG Energy is investing 35 million dollars in stocks of the fuel cell power plant provider. Furthermore, a 40-million dollar revolving construction and term loan facility for FuelCell Energy will be established by NRG.

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