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Electric city car: Nissan and Mitsubishi are planning to build a low-cost EV based on a minicar, Nikkei reports. The two Japanese companies have formed a 50:50 joint venture and want to offer the electric car for 1.5 million yen (14,600 dollars) including subsidies. The launch is set for 2016/17.

More EVs from India: Mahindra Reva is looking at bringing more electric cars to market. Apart from new versions of the e2o (we reported), the Verito, Maximo and Gio models will be electrified soon, Mahindra CEO Chetan Maini announced.

ZAP to double EV production: The Sino-American ZAP Jonway is concentrating its production in China on EVs and away from petrol-powered cars. The move follows the Chinese government’s decision to foster electric transport (we reported). ZAP plans to introduce new models by October.

ForFour Electric Drive confirmed: Smart has confirmed that it will issue an electric version of its small city car that sits four, but not before 2016. Until then, the Smart ED of 2013 will remain the Daimler subsidiary’s only EV currently in production.

Electric Mini around the corner? According to Automotive News an electric or hybrid version of the Mini could be issued as early as next year. The platform of the 2015 Mini Cooper provides for all types of drives and BMW has gathered experience with the electric Mini E demonstration cars.,

NRG tightens bond with FuelCell Energy: NRG Energy is investing 35 million dollars in stocks of the fuel cell power plant provider. Furthermore, a 40-million dollar revolving construction and term loan facility for FuelCell Energy will be established by NRG.


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