Feb 6, 2015 - 09:47 am

France, ZAP Jonway, Kia, Polaris, Tesla.

French scrapping scheme: France’s government has announced to pay 10,000 euros for any diesel which is replaced with an electric car and 6,500 euros when buying a plug-in hybrid. The scheme is to run from April until the year’s end. Furthermore, “pastille vertes” (green stickers) will be introduced for clean vehicles which are will be rewarded with certain privileges.

Zap-Jonway-MinivanCalifornian EV for China: ZAP Jonway just signed an OEM agreement with Dong Feng Motor for 5,000 units of ZAP Jonway’s EV minivans to be sold under the Dong Feng brand and its partner Shi Kong in China. The minivan will here be classed as delivery vehicle with a bigger battery and less seats.

Kia update: The Koreans have published another teaser image for their hybrid concept to debut at the Chicago Auto Show and have released its name: Trail’ster e-AWD Concept.
electriccarsreport.com, autoblog.com

New electric motorcycle: After taking over Brammo, Polaris is already making plans to soon build their very own model. The company has filed a trademark for a “Victory Charger” and has added “Electric motorcycles and structural parts therefor” in the description.
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Tesla beats them all as the electric carmaker was awarded the highest rating of any manufacturer for its service in Consumer Report’s latest survey. Tesla thus outranked all dealerships and even independent garages with its on-time repairs, courtesy, price, quality and overall customer satisfaction.


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