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Audi, GM, Tesla, Mitsubishi.

Welcome to a new edition of “electrive.com today”, the new industry service for electric mobility – Made in Germany! Here are the top news and innovations this monday:

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Audi’s big plans for the future: The German carmaker will invest 22 billion euros (30 billion USD ) in new models until 2018, thus expanding its range from currently 49 to 60 products. Already, Audi has trademarked new model names like SQ2, SQ4, and Q9 as well as f-tron. The latter indicates that there might be a fuel-cell powered Audi in the future.
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Speculations about GM buying Tesla: A trading analyst told CNBC that General Motors or other established car manufacturers might show an interest in the Californians already in 2014. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has so far denied any plans to repeat his move from 2002 when he sold PayPal to eBay.
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New Mitsubishi hybrids for the USA: The Japanese want to bring a new Evo, which is supposed to not have anything to do with the current Lancer to the U.S. market no later than 2017. By then there will also be a new PHEV version of the Pajero (Montero in Europe). The start of the new Outlander PHEV however, is delayed until 2015 due to delivery problems at Mitsubishi’s battery supplier Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ).
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Tesla rating revisited: The Model S was the highest-rated car Consumer Report (CR) tested (99 out of 100 points). After one year and 11,380 miles (18,500 km) driven, the testers noticed a few minor flaws with the avg. range being “only” 225 miles (362 km) and range losses when using the air con or not charging for more than a day. However, CR is still „impressed by the quiet glide and instant and irresistible power“ of their Tesla.
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