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Lexus-LF-NXIs this the Lexus NX? In an recent presentation, Tim Lentz, CEO of Toyota USA, has revealed new pictures of the LF-NX Concept. Or at least he was planning on doing that. Instead, the pictures seem to show a production version of what could be the future Lexus NX hybrid car. The production version is expected to be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show this spring.

150-mile question: In an online survey, Nissan recently asked existing Leaf owners how much (more) they would be willing to pay for a Leaf with a 150 mile range. While all questions were hypothetical, do they point to a new Leaf with extended range and faster charging?
transportevolved.com, mynissanleaf.com

Greenest of’em all: The American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) published its annual list of the most environmental friendly cars. The Smart Fortwo ED is on top and scores 59 out of 100. It is closely followed by Toyota’s Prius C (known as Aqua in Japan and Yaris Hybrid in Europe) and the electric Nissan Leaf.
electriccarsreport.com, ens-newswire.com

Zero in down under: The electric motorcycle company Zero has named a distributor for Australia. Cento Per Cento will launch the full 2014 model range under the trade name ‘Zero Motorcycles Australia.’

Qin sells online: The Chinese plug-in hybrid has just been launched on the domestic market but it took only two seconds to sell the first 100 cars, according to BYD. About 100,000 visitors had surfed the Qin web shop prior to the launch, with 23,405 of those actually witnessing the start of sale.


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