Car2Go black, Ford, E-Wald, Austria.

Car2Go black: Daimler announced to integrate its B-class into its car sharing, which only offers Smarts so far. In a first step 200 Mercedes B will be deployed to Berlin and Hamburg, Germany, where they can be rented and unlocked via smartphone. Other than with the Smart, the black cars can only be picked up and returned at designated parking lots but can be driven one-way between the two cities. Since Berlin and Hamburg already have some H2 stations, why not make the B-Class f-cell part of the scheme?! (In German)

Focus EV promotion: With Ford selling only a couple of hundreds electric cars every month, the carmaker has now announced a new finance package for buyers of the Focus EV in the U.S. Together with a additional cash sum of 6,000 dollars refunded by participating dealers, the Focus finally comes in the pricing range of its competitor Nissan Leaf.

Rural electric transport: In its current project, German E-Wald is showing that electric cars can also work in rural areas. In Deggendorf, this has proven rather successful so far: 95 out of 151 electric cars are let longterm while another 30 can be shared on demand. More towns in the Bavarian Forest are scheduled to join the project. (In German), (In German)

klima:aktiv mobil: The Austrian climate initiative has already helped to save 570,000 tons of carbon with 4,900 mobility projects which have been funded with 66.6 million euros so far. In the county Tirol alone, 510 green jobs were created and 42.6 million euros invested by private companies and initiatives with the government only helping to start it off with 5 million euros. (In German),


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