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Tesla starts battery swapping: When Elon Musk was visiting the European Tesla stores last week, he leaked some interesting details. For instance, that a 4WD Model S will come by 2015. Furthermore, he expects the Giga factory to bring down battery prices by 30-40% while bigger batteries are already on the way as well as 135 kw superchargers. Those might not be necessary in L.A. and Frisco as Tesla will introduce battery swapping there.

Strengthening e-roaming: German Hubject Gmbh and Gireve SAS are joining forces to promote eRoaming thus enabling interconnectivity of the EV charging infrastructure between France and Germany. Hubject is a joint venture between BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Siemens and the utility providers RWE and EnBW. The company operates a business and IT platform connecting infrastructure, service and mobility providers.
hubject.com (Press info) via elektroniknet.de (In German)

Hydrogen station for Hamburg: H2 Logic has made a successful bid to supply the German city with a H2 fueling station. It will be based on the 70 MPa H2Station and is an initial trial before a network of 50 H2 station is eventually built by 2015. These are part of the H2Mobility Germany initiative running until 2023 with 400 planned stations in total.

BYD keeps promise: A ten-month trial with BYD’s electric bus in Canada (we reported) has proven the company’s claim. The 40ft e-bus indeed managed to run 155 miles (250 km) on one charge. This prompted Salah Barj, Director of P & D at STO to say: “The BYD electric bus was nothing like anything we had seen or tested before.” A dream come true…
chargedevs.com, greencarcongress.com


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