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Denza, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Merida.

Details of Daimler’s Denza: The first Chinese-German offspring will make its debut at Beijing Motorshow. For Daimler, it is the first product it ever designed abroad with its partner BYD. The Denza’s battery sits underneath the car in a shock-proof alloy frame. The price has still not been revealed.
welt.de (in German)

BMW i3 production: BMW has ramped up production of its electric car in Leipzig by 43% reports Bloomberg with reference to an email by BMW’s head of production, Harald Krüger. Due to high demand, 100 instead of 70 units of the i3 will now be built a day.

Spy shots of the new Volt: The 2016 Chevrolet Volt has been spotted on one of its test runs but highly covered in camouflage. It seems like the car will get a complete new bodywork and will be based on a new platform. Overall, it appears the new Volt will be sleeker than the current model.

Nissan unveils the Murano in New York today. The third generation follows the ‘Resonance Concept’ and will be available as front and all-wheel drive. However, Nissan has nor confirmed or denied plans for a hybrid Murano yet.
manufacturing.automotive-business-review.com, youtube.com (video)

E-Bike production growing: Taiwanese Merida will expand its facility in Yuanlin to meet increased demand for e-bikes and frames. Demand is driven by the introduction of Shimano’s new pedelec system Steps which requires special frames.


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