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A plug-in VW Touran? The first spy shots of the next-gen Touran have been released. They do not show much, but it is said that the famous family van will get a plug-in hybrid drivetrain when making its debut at the Paris Auto Show in October. We hope so!
autoevolution.com, autozeitung.de (in German)

Volvo XC90 sneak preview: Ahead of its full revelation in August, Volvo has released imagery and videos of the interior of the redesigned XC90. The Swedish SUV will be offered as a plug-in hybrid and fully electric at some point (we reported).
worldcarfans.com, indianautosblog.com

Bentley teaser: Bentley published a video for its upcoming SUV, due to arrive in 2016. While the video does give any new details, we hope Bentley will stick to its plan and introduce a plug-in version in 2017.

Toyota Yaris redefined: Being the only car in its class to offer a full-hybrid drivetrain, the small Toyota Yaris is quite successful in Europe – every third customer chooses the hybrid version. This summer, the Yaris will undergo a facelift and be introduced to the Australian market shortly after.
caradvice.com.au (Australia), autobild.de (Europe, in German)

First premium hybrid for India: In June, BMW will introduce the 7 Series ActiveHybrid to the Indian market. It will be the first hybrid-driven car from BMW in India or more precisely, the only one of any premium brand.
motoringworld.net via indianautosblog.com

Four miles to the gallon: Andrew English from The Telegraph was lucky and drove the LaFerrari for a day. Among the many details he provides in his review, some facts clearly stand out. It is not the mileage (4 mpg at test day) nor the price (1.15m pounds) that keep Ferraristi from wanting to get their hands on the vehicle. All 499 units have already been sold.


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