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Tesla-Supercharger1Tesla update: The Model X is scheduled for mid-2015 while the Tesla for the people, i.e. the affordable one, will only arrive by the end of 2016, according to CEO Elon Musk. Meanwhile, the Californians plan a Roadster software update this year as well as a reduction of the price for the Model S. In terms of super-charging, Tesla will open up its patents to other carmakers if they contribute a “fair” proportion of the maintenance and running costs.
green.autoblog.com (Roadster), engadget.com (Supercharger)

Nissan to build plug-in hybrids? According to Nissan’s head of development, Andy Palmer, the Japanese company might deviate from its pure electric path as it plans to offer a plug-in hybrid by the end of 2015. Palmer sees hybrids a more viable application in vehicles weighing from 1.75 tons.

Electric super car from South Korea: Actually, the electric ‘Oullim Spirra’ with 4WD will be built in the Netherlands. The electric sports car is based on the Proto Motors’ standard Spirra from South Korea and is said to be presented at next year’s Geneva Auto Show, shortly before going into production.
telegraaf.nl (in Dutch) via greencarreports.com

California dangles a big carrot in front of Tesla’s nose to get the carmaker to build the Gigafactory in its sunny homestate. A new bill declares the legislature’s plan to change regulation as well as the generous use of financial incentives and all sorts of credits, all in the name of job creation.

CO2 reduction in progress: Transport & Environment is looking at carbon emission savings of carmakers to predict when they could reach the EU requirement of 95 g/km given they keep at the current speed. Volvo and Toyota would comply by 2018, BMW and GM not before 2024.
transportenvironment.org, transportenvironment.org

Electric Ford reviewed: “Normal” is probably the most used word in James Fossdyke’s review of the Ford Focus Electric which is just like any other Focus but with an electric motor. Fossdyke sees the electric Focus as valuable addition to the growing market providing that Ford will bring more than just 30 units of the next-gen model to Great Britain.


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