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Infiniti-EMERG-EElectric Infiniti: Nissan vice-president Andy Palmer again confirmed that a new line of fully-electric vehicles is being developed, which will make use of the next-gen Nissan Leaf powertrain and can be charged inductively. Palmer also said that the carmaker’s electric supercar concept, the Emerg-E (photo), will most likely see production.,

China awaits i3, where sales of the electric BMW will kick-off in September. Initially, the i3 will be offered at only seven dealerships in the country. While the Bavarian carmaker expects fewer than 1,000 units to be sold there by the end of the year, it also sees China as potentially the biggest EV market by 2019.

Tesla steps up production: The California EV-maker delivered around 7,500 Model S between April and June, while production reached between 8,500 and 9,000 units. That is a 13 to 19% increase compared to the first quarter of 2014. The final numbers will be released in August.,

Blueprints of the future: One BMW designer published his renderings of how he thinks the i-brand will evolve. He sees the BMW i6 hit the road as early as 2022, the self-driving i7 in 2027, the sportscar i2 in 2032 and 2048 will be the year of the modular concept iQ. Just wow!

Urbino ready for the future: At this year’s IAA exhibition for commercial vehicles in September, Solaris will present the next generation of its Urbino city bus. The new Solaris was developed from the start to get both diesel-electric hybrid and full-electric drivetrains.


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