Jul 29, 2014 - 08:34 am

Nissan, BMW, Tesla, Go & See Tour.

Nissan sold 124,000 Leafs worldwide so far and expects EV sales to take ten percent of its total sales by 2020. In general, the Japanese carmaker’s sales rose by 6% globally, carried along substantially by China and the USA in the first quarter of this year.

BMW charging in the USA: Californian drivers of the i3 can now charge their EV for free at NRG eVgo chargers through 2015. There are currently 50 DC chargers in the Golden State but BMW hopes to grow this number to a 100 by the end of next year. It has also developed its own DC charger together with Bosch. The compact box can be mounted to a wall, charges with 24 kW and costs 6,548 dollars.
chargedevs.com, greencarreports.com (Wallbox)

Tesla Taxi in Quebec: Christian Roy from Quebec, Canada, claims to be the first taxi driver in North America who uses a Model S for his services. His biggest problem is the lack of charging stations which forces him to charge his car at home.

Go & See Tour: A team of employees from German utility provider RWE travelled 3,471 kilometres in a Tesla Model S and blogged about their experiences. They visited several new-energy projects along their route through the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.


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