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NEVS-SaabNEVS bankrupt? Because the Chinese investors behind Swedish Saab are not able to pay supplier bills, most of their workers currently have to stay at home instead of building electric cars. According to just-auto, NEVS might be in negotiations with Mahindra and Dongfeng as potential investors.,

Nissan Z with hybrid power? In 2017, Nissan might bring a successor of its sportcoupé 370Z, Australian Motoring reports. Apparently, the new model would be named Z35, feature Mercedes engines (2.0 and 3.0 litres) which will most probably be supported by electric motors.

Lexus NX is in production: The new SUV of Toyota’s luxury subsidiary is rolling off the production line in the Japanese Miyawaka facility. The company said it already has received about 6,500 orders for the Lexus. In Japan, the NX is offered with combustion engine but also as the hybrid NX 300h.,

VW E-Up review: Faye Sunderland is full of praise for the “plucky little e-up!” as she fondly calls Volkswagen’s smallest EV. As with the electric Golf, the E-Up is based on an existing model but Sunderland does not think it takes away from its EV feel at all. The only faults she finds is range and price.

Tesla dealing in emissions: According to a emission regulations, Swiss car importers will have to lower the carbon emissions of their fleet to 130 g per km per vehicle by 2015. Now Tesla wants to capitalise on it, offering to trade in its CO2 certificates. So far, at least Hyundai Suisse is showing interest in the deal. (in German)

Tesla vs BMW: One thing the Model S 85 and the i8 have in common is that they are “at the pointy end of the price pyramid,” as Frank Markus in his comparison duly notes. And while he had plenty of time to accommodate to the Tesla in a long-term test, it is BMW’s hybrid that holds the “racy/spacey” revelation. The Californian however, is the true “revolution.”


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