France, Spain, Québec, BYD, Chargemaster.

E-mobilization I: France has now put its plans to strengthen electric transport into a law proposal. The current rebate shall be increased by 10,000 euros, if the purchase of a new EV means the scrapping of a diesel. Furthermore, the bill includes plans to install seven million charge points in France by 2030.,

E-mobilization II: Neighbouring Spain is running a similar programme called Movele 2014. There, every EV is eligible for a 6,500-euro rebate. Electric buses are funded with 20,000 euros even. The incentives already seem to be working as EV sales have gone up by 15% since the introduction of the scheme. (in German), (project’s website in Spanish)

Canada recharges: Le Haut-Richelieu community in Quebec now offers charging to EV drivers at 14 new public charging stations. Those are part of the ‘Electric Circuit’ network which already boasts 300 charge points across the Canadian province.,

Range record: The new electric bus from BYD that serves the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) in California exceeds expectations. AVTA sent it on a 24-hours run, circling between Palmdale and Rosamond 18 times thus operating for 746 miles. Only three charges, each after about 250 miles, were needed to set up this new best.,

Free home chargers: Chargemaster will continue the free installation of is ‘Homecharge i 3kW’ in the UK. The programme is backed by the 9-million pound (15 million dollars) government scheme (EVHS). To top it up, Chargemaster offers a free POLAR membership for six months with any domestic charging unit.,


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