Fisker, Tesla, Rice University.

Spare parts for Fisker Karma: Owners of the 2012 luxury EV can soon get their cars fixed again if needed, Frank Qi, Coordinator at Wanxiang America, announced. The latter bought out Fisker in a bankruptcy auction in February. It also looks as though Wanxiang is moving closer to resuming production of the Karma.

Tesla developing a graphene enhanced battery? Nothing has been confirmed, but a report from Chinese news agency Xinhua claims the carmaker is working on just that. A graphene-enhanced Li-ion battery could extend the range of i.e. the Model S to 500 miles and could allow for even faster charging.,

New cathode material for Lithium-sulphur batteries: Scientist at Rice University in Texas, USA, developed a hierarchical nanocomposite material of graphene nanoribbons and polyaniline and sulphur. The material could reduce capacity decay in the batteries.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the CNBC report on how Amsterdam is promoting the use of electric vehicles and its 2,000 public charge points.


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