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Open charging: The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) has adopted the Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP) which focusses on energy capacity planning. The protocol can be used by infrastructure providers to learn about physical net capacity by the local network operator to predict available capacity.

South Korea serious about EVs: One in every four vehicles bought by Korean government agencies will have to be electric. The new regulation will come into effect next year and is said to help replace up to 700 vehicles. Under current regulations, 50% of the government’s fleet had to be at least small or hybrid cars.

The Green party of New Zealand is living up to its name as it promises to invest 20 million dollars (16,3m USD) into EV promotion if successful in next week’s election. Half of the money would go into building fast-charging infrastructure while the other ten million would be spend on 1,000-dollar cash-backs for the first 10,000 EV buyers.

Real world data tool: Cenex has launched a service for fleet managers at this week’s LCV event. The ‘FCRT Lite’ tool is designed to asses the viability of low carbon vehicles. It is said to be based on real world duty cycles, fuel consumption and EV range and can be accessed for free. (tool) via

Supercharger leasing: Tucker Development has leased eight charging stations from Tesla for their Country Club Plaza shopping centre in Illinois. Seems like a clever idea to attract the business of Model S driver travelling between Chicago and Indiana.

Mini update: ClipperCreek has upgraded its Level-2 HCS-40 and CS-40 EV charging stations. They now feature 32 instead of 30 amps but are available for the same price as before.


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