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Tesla-DThe D unveiled: Elon Musk just presented new features for the Tesla Model S, which include all-wheel drive and autopilot capabilities. Thanks to the dual drive, the Model S P85D will be able to accelerate in just 3.2 seconds from 0-100 kph and is also more efficient (10 miles more range). The autopilot feature will allow for i.e. assisted lane changing, speed limit adjusting and automatic parking.
usatoday.com (with video), engadget.com

Honda CR-Z still alive: Cancelled in Europe in February this year due to low demand, the hybrid sport coupe gets another chance in the States. Although, the 2015 CR-Z Hybrid has not being changed from the previous model year. Prices start from 20,145 dollars.
greencarreports.com, automotive-business-review.com

Electric bus from Canada: GreenPowerBus presented its EV350. The electric bus has a said range of 250 kilometres and sells for more than 1 million Canadian dollars (894m USD). The Canadian company plans to offer it to various bus companies as well as to display it on trade shows.
huffingtonpost.ca (with video)

FCV raffle: Toyota will give away its first FCV in the USA to one lucky Californian. Together with the Environmental Media Association (EMA), the carmaker will hold a charity raffle where a fundraiser ticket is a 100 dollars. All donations are to go to EMA.

E-Golf vs BMW i3: Auto Express has put the two German EVs to the test. Both almost have the same price, however, the reviewers just find the i3 more desirable in looks and performance. For those, who do not want the electric car to scream “I am different,” the E-Golf might be the better option.

Fuel-less in Seattle: New company Ecocruise is to be present its range of electric vehicles in January next year. Founded by the man behind Kasea Motorsports, the street legal neighbourhood cars come with two to four wheels and the range also includes service vehicles and scooters.
ecocruise.com via green.autoblog.com


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