Electric traction motors, Tesla Model S in Norway, Events.

Research tip: The market for electric traction motors will have generated more than 500 billion dollars between today and 2025, a new study by IDTechEx projects. The analysts further believe EV uptake will reach its tipping point even before the end of this decade.
idtechex.com via businesswire.com

Reading tip: Tesla’s launch of the Model S P85D has created quite a stir in Norway. More than 150 “old” Model S are being offered for sale by their owners, while before there were only 20. Well, the all-wheel drive kind of makes sense in wintry Norway.

Events for the upcoming week: eCarTec (Oct 21-23; Munich, Germany) ++ 6th International Conference for Electric and Hybrid Mobility (Oct 21-22; Munich, Germany) ++ CHAdeMO Fast Charging Europe Conference (Oct 23; Munich, Germany)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar


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