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No more Model S P85: In order to decrease production delays, Tesla announced that the number of options and variants for the Model S will be cut down. “We’re not taking additional orders for the P85. We’re only doing the P85D and we’re cancelling green and brown as colors,” Elon Musk stated.
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SehnbaoAnother EV from China: Starting next year, Beijing Automotive wants to start serial produce of its first electric car, the Sehnbao EV. It comes with a 37.5 kWh battery pack from SK Innovation. A total of 50 Sehnbao electric vehicles will be used for official transportation at next week’s APEC meeting in Beijing.

FAW-Volkswagen starts building China factory: Once completed in 2017, 300,000 vehicles will be produced at the Qingdao production site. According to local media reports, Audi could also use it to build its Q series for the Chinese market: PHEV variants for the Q5 and Q7 have already been confirmed.

C1 update: The California start-up Lit Motors is still working on its gyroscopic car-bike combo, meaning it will not go into serial production at the end of the year as previously announced. But to keep things interesting, the company presents a video of its newest prototype.

End of the MonoTracer? Via Facebook, Peraves CEO Roger Riedener announced that the Swiss company is “in liquidation.” Peraves’ E-Tracer has a range of 300 km, but the business model for it was unsustainable. But it doesn´t have to be the end: “Giving up is not in my dictionary,” Riedener wrote.
facebook.com, moneyhouse.ch

2015 Civic Hybrid launches in U.S.: The 2015 Honda is now available at dealerships in the country, starting at 24,735 dollars. Together with the natural gas version, the Civic Hybrid was recognized as one of the top ten greenest cars in the U.S.

Hybrid recalls: Toyota is recalling nearly 6,000 units of the Camry, Avalon and their hybrid versions in the U.S., due to possible loss of steering control. Infiniti is asking more than 14,000 units of the Q50 and Q70 hybrid sedans sold globally back to the lot, due to software problems that could cause stall-like conditions, as well as problems with the transmission housing.
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