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Hybrid Golf SUV? According to Car Magazine, Volkswagen is working on a SUV version of its Golf. A plug-in hybrid could feature technology now used for the Golf GTE, which combines a 1.4-litre TSI engine with an electric motor. The Golf SUV is said to be available in 2018.

Local-Motors-Rally-FighterOffroad hybrid: After making headlines with its 3D printed EV, Local Motors presents an all-wheel drive hybrid concept of its Rally Fighter, that is limited to 2,000 units. Whether the hybrid Rally Fighter will go on sale has not been revealed.
practicalmotoring.com.au, localmotors.com

BYD spy shots: The Chinese-made transporter M3 DM, that debuted as a concept on the Beijing Auto Show in April was caught on camera during test drives. It features a hybrid drivetrain with a combined output of 259 hp and will be available early 2015 starting at 150,000 yuan (24,500 dollars).

Tesla cuts options: On top of eliminating the Model S P85 and P85+ performance versions with rear-wheel drive, Tesla also pulls the 60D, the all-wheel drive version featuring a smaller 60 kWh battery pack. That leaves four possible editions of the electric sedan – the rear-wheel-drive 60 and 85 kWh versions and the dual-motor all-wheel-drive 85D and P85D.

Soul EV goes on sale in UK: There, the electric Kia can now be bought starting at 24,995 pounds (39,788 USD) after government incentives. The carmaker only expects to sell about 200 units per year in the UK, offering the Soul EV at only 13 dealerships nationwide.
transportevolved.com, autotrader.co.uk

No more “Electric Drive”: Starting next year, Mercedes will simplify the names of some of its models and the drivetrain designations. All electric and plug-in hybrid models will be marked with an ‘e’, hybrids without plugs will receive the letter ‘h’ and fuel cell vehicles the letter ‘f”.
autocar.co.uk, autoblog.com


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