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Mitsubishi-SUV-PHEV-Genf2015Mitsubishi to show PHEV concept: The Japanese manufacturer will present a yet unnamed compact SUV plug-in hybrid concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. For now, Mitsubishi released two teaser images, prompting speculations that the concept might preview the new ASX.,

Electric Mini? Together with Toyota, BMW wants to introduce a smaller version of the Mini called Minor, which might also be fitted with an electric drivetrain, according to Georg Kacher. Moreover, the 2016 Mini Countryman could feature a plug-in hybrid variant and the Superleggera is earmarked for early 2018., (in German)

No roads to Rome: The Italian capital has banned private cars within the ‘fascia verde’ (green belt) this coming Sunday, in an effort to curb pollution. Electric cars and carsharing vehicles will be allowed in the city, as well as petrol and diesel Euro 5 cars. The move will be repeated on 22nd of February.

Waiting for the Outlander PHEV: Instead of launching the plug-in SUV early 2016 as previously announced, it will not debut in the U.S. until Q2 of 2016. No official reason has been given, but Mitsubishi might want to wait to see what competitors put out there first to make its final adjustments.,

Electric minivan for China: Car News China shows first images of the minivan Xin Longma Kaiteng EX80, which will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April and go on sale in China in the second half of the year. An all-electric variant is also planned.

Electric delivery truck: India’s Tata Motors will issue an all-electric version of its most popular light truck Ace in the next financial year. With a top speed of around 50 km/h, it will be much slower than its diesel cousins. Other technical details have not been announced yet.


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