BMW, Samsung SDI, VW, Quantum Scape, Toshiba, LG Chem.

BMW-X5-xDrive40eBMW sticks with Samsung: According the BMW board member Klaus Draeger, rumours about BMW partnering with LG Chem for battery deliveries are false. Samsung SDI will remain the only supplier and will also provide the batteries for the new 3-series plug-in hybrid variant as well as the X5 xDrive40e.,

New batteries for VW? The German carmaker will decide until July whether to use solid-state batteries from U.S.-based startup Quantum Scape for its electric models. Just a few months ago, VW had bought five percent of shares of the Stanford University spin-off.

Clean H2 production: Toshiba will participate in a four year hydrogen research project in Scotland, providing its energy management system H2 EMS. The so-called “Levenmouth Community Energy Project” will use excess solar and wind energy for the production of hydrogen, which will then be used to fuel hybrid (fuel cell + diesel) commercial vehicles.

Separator deal: China-based Shenzhen Senior Technology has licensed LG Chem’s Safety Reinforced Separator (SRS) technology, which uses a ceramic coating on separator substrates to improve thermal deformation resistance and mechanical strength.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the 83 dollar per month offer for an electric Fiat 500e in California. Who went to get one?


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