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Electric scooter sharing in Berlin: The German capital is about to see a new electric mobility initiative – the eMio free floating scooter sharing. Behind it is the Electric Mobility Concepts UG, a student start-up that aims to set up a cheaper alternative to car sharing and chose Emco scooters with exchangeable batteries to do so. Our editor Carla Westerheide paid eMio a visit and met motivated founders.
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Managed Charging 3.0: Researchers from Fraunhofer IOSB have developed a prototype software to show grid operators how many electric vehicles can safely be connected to their local grid. The utilities will thus be enabled to better manage loads.

Mallorca’s big EV initiative: Six car rental firms (Europcar, Sixt, Goldcar, Enterprise, O.K. Rentacar and Record Go) have jointly ordered 60 electric vehicles from Nissan for the Balearic Island. In May, the first six of planned 2,000 charging stations are set to be opened on Mallorca. (in Spanish)

Japan continues its electrification as the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) just freed another 40 billion yen (334 million dollars) for subsidies in 2015. Three quarters are to go to infrastructure while the rest will be spent on EV grants. Furthermore, in Yokohama 200 new EV charging stations will be erected, starting this July., (Yokohama, in Japanese)

Canadian EV charging networks to connect: The Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork will soon offer total interoperability. Drivers in possession of a card to either network will then be able to access a combined network of 550 charging stations.,

Hydrogen superhighway in Oz: Hyundai just brought the ix35 Fuel Cell Down Under and has also opened the first H2 station in Sydney. It is supposed to be the start of a hydrogen superhighway which would connect Melbourne and Sydney via the nation´s capital, Canberra.


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