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Fuel cell Porsche? Patent applications reveal that Porsche is planning a small Panamera, nicknamed “Pajun” for Panamera Junior, by 2018, powered by batteries as well as fuel cells. The BEV variant will be called Porsche 718, while the FCV would go by the name of Porsche 818.
autocar.co.uk, auto-motor-und-sport.de (in German)

Meanwhile, Porsche has been spotted testing the upcoming Panamera S E-Hybrid without any camouflage. The 2017 model is expected to hit the showroom next year and is believed to then boast more powerful batteries for more range.

More Gigafactories? Elon Musk recently referred to the gigantic battery facility in Nevada as “Gigafactory 1,” implying there could be others. However, potential offshoots will not necessarily be built by the EV maker itself, as Tesla intends to make its technology available to all.

Mirai to be sold first California: Toyota named eight dealerships that will get their hands on the “future” FCV first. The Mirai will go on sale there this October starting at 57,500 dollars before incentives. However, only 200 units will be allocated to the whole of the U.S.

Pan-European electric ferry: Denmark, Greece, and Norway will together receive 16 million euros via the EU’s Horizon 2020 scheme to develop an all-electric ferry. The ship can carry up to 40 cars and 130 passengers from Denmark to the Danish island of Ärro starting in 2017. Powered by wind energy, the ferry features 750 kW electric motors and batteries with a capacity of 3,800 kWh.
maritime-executive.com, worldmaritimenews.com

The ST2 speed pedelec by Swiss Stromer, a division of BMC, has received raving reviews. Leander Kahney joins the journalists were sold on the bikes speed (up to 45 kph), technology and look with the first turn of the pedal. Its pedal-assist settings can be adjusted via an app.


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