Jun 17, 2015 - 08:13 am

Australia, Tesla, Dubai, BYD, London.

Destination Down Under: Tesla now launched its so-called destination charging schemes at hotels, malls etc. in Australia where it now operates ten such sites. More are to follow all over the country in addition to the fast-charging Superchargers.
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Supercharging now got even cooler as Tesla installed a liquid-cooled cable to a Supercharger in Mountain View. Cooling allows for a thinner and more flexible cable that still carries the same current. Furthermore, such a cord also has the potential for increased power when supercharging.

Hybrid taxis in the desert: Cars Taxi now added another 55 Toyota Camry Hybrid to its existing fleet of 29 hybrid taxis in Dubai. The cab company is planning big as it intends to put 7,000 hybrids in the United Arab Emirates, half of them in Dubai, as it was well impressed with the hybrids’ potential to save cost.

BYD presents V2G charging: The Chinese e6 model is now able to give and take as BYD has equipped it with technology to both charge and discharge electrical power. According to BYD, the next-gen e6 model will have a much larger capacity battery capable of delivering a 400 km range.

More about Bolloré in UK: BluePointLondon, operator of the Source London scheme, and now the EV rental programme with Bolloré RedCars, is currently responsible for about 1,400 EV charge points. Membership is 5 pounds a month and will now not only allow access to infrastructure but the rental EVs as well as soon as they launch early next year.


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