BMW fuel cell, Nissan Leaf, Elektroumrüster Elektro-Fahrzeuge Schwaben.

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Future drives by BMW: Next to the prototype of a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer with plug-in hybrid drive and a direct water injection for combustion engines showcased in France, all eyes were on the fuel cell model. The demonstrator is based on a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo with a 180-kW electric motor. Range is set at 500km+. Fuel cell components are developed together with Toyota (we reported).,

Nissan-Leaf-redBetter Leaf battery: Nissan is planning a midcycle update in August already, introducing the 30-kWh battery for the current Leaf model, inside sources say. The battery would have the same size but higher energy density and preceeds an improved drivetrain for the next-gen Leaf. via

Leaf also gets a new trim with the Accenta+. The 6.6kW on-board charger comes standard, along with a mode-3 32 amp (EVSE) cable. In the UK, the model that also features shiny new rims starts at 29,740 pounds, only 1,150 GBP more, than the standard Acenta.,

Electric trucks for Europe: Truck manufacturer Orten and the retrofitter Elektroumrüster Elektro-Fahrzeuge Schwaben (EFA-S) have agreed to exclusively develop and distribute electric trucks Europe-wide. The light trucks will have the same load capacity as diesel trucks. EFA-S will be responsible for the electric system, while Orten will open up access to its customers. (in German)

Undercover: The BBC One drama series “The Interceptor” features undercover agents hunting down criminals. Behind the scenes, however, five electric vehicles were used to take care of all needs during production, making it one of the greenest sets ever and helping the broadcaster to bring down costs.


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