BYD, Detroit Electric, U.S. carmakers, Norway, SGL Carbon.

Build Your Dreams in Europe: BYD plans to set up production in Europe “when the time is right.” The electric car and bus manufacturer considered at least one facility, but has not released any details yet. (paid content)

Detroit Electric expands: Ahead of the launch of the SP:01 electric sportscar, the company announces four more distributors: GreenCar LLC in Azerbaijan, Carpoint for both Iceland and Norway and GridCars in South Africa. More distributors recently signed in China and South Korea.

U.S. carmakers beg for CO2 bargain: General Motors, Ford, and FCA US are asking the EPA to grant them retroactive emissions credits for using technology like reflective paint, LED, or more obviously start-stop. They claim these technologies reduce CO2 off-cycle. via

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e-mobil BW_IMEI-ProjektIntegrated mobility and energy infrastructures: The new project of the leading edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West “IMEI” is analyzing two typical local scenarios of grid integration of e-vehicles in decentralized mode for home and commercial users and centralized for e-vehicle fleets. Taken into account are, amongst others, aspects of on-site generation and energy storage.

Norway is the leading EV nation, says the latest IHS Automotive Plug-in Electric Vehicle Index looking at the 1st quarter of 2015. It is followed by the Netherlands, where EV share grew to 5.7%. Germany is 6th out of 8 nations. In terms of volumes, the USA and China are in the lead.,

SGL Carbon to restructure: The carbon specialist plans to move away from graphite electrodes as its core business, betting on the increasing demand for carbon fibre and lithium-ion batteries from Tesla’s Gigafactory, for example, from which it hopes to secure orders soon. (in German)


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