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Mia-ElectricMuch ado about Mia: An anonymous buyer purchased all of Mia Electric’s assets for just 800,000 euros. The French EV maker had previously been bought by a consortium for 1.3 million euros, but the sale was declared void. The court suspected a fraudulent buyback by former Mia boss Michelle Boos.
automobile-propre.com (in French)

Hybrid double: Motoring says it has additional details about BMW’s and Toyota’s joint sportscar project “Silk Road.” Quoting insiders, the site reports that both sports cars will be based on the BMW i8 platform, and contrary to previous reports, will both feature plug-in hybrid technology, which will be provided by Toyota and not BMW.

Prius plug-in with 35 mile range? Referencing inside information, Green Car Reports writes that the next generation of the Prius plug-in hybrid will be able to drive electric for 30 to 35 miles on one charge. The new Prius will become available this year, with the PHEV variant to follow about one year later.

Hybrid two-wheeler from Suzuki? If we believe its recently filed patent, the Japanese manufacturer is working on a motorcycle featuring a hybrid drivetrain and semi-automatic transmission. According to the description, the bike could also drive purely electric.
motorcycle.com, indiancarsbikes.in

Tesla goes with silicon: In its newly announced 90 kWh battery pack, Tesla will also use silicon for the anode of the Li-ion battery cells, allowing for more capacity without increasing battery size. Moreover, Tesla believes it will be able to increase the range of its EV models by 5 to 10 percent every two years.
qz.com, forbes.com

iCar rumour update: Media reports that Apple hired Doug Betts, the former head of global quality at Fiat Chrysler and an expert in auto manufacturing. That of course fuels rumours that Apple wants to build its own EVs in the future.
appleinsider.com, venturebeat.com


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