Tesla, JAC, Denmark, Renault, Canada.

Tesla offers own incentives: Every Model S driver who refers a new buyer gets 1,000 dollars off his/her next purchase. The offer is valid until October 31st. Those who recommend five (buying) friends are invited to the Gigafactory opening and the first person to find ten people willing to purchase a Model S, gets a Model X for free.
bloomberg.com, insideevs.com

China electrifies further: Jianghuai Automobile Company (JAC) will invest 4.5 billion yuan (725m dollars) in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. By 2025, they could already make up 30 percent of all sales by JAC.

The end of exemption? EVs could become much more expensive in Denmark, as their tax exempt status will expire at the end of this year. That could cause price increases of up to 180 percent. However, the Danish government already said that it is looking at solutions for 2016.
autoblog.com, teslarati.com

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Hubject_OICP 2.0_ENGHubject publishes the Open InterCharge Protocol 2.0: the latest version of the eRoaming protocol OICP is now available to download for free for all intercharge partners and other interested parties. The protocol describes the fully automated communication between charge point operators, providers and eRoaming platforms. More information under www.hubject.com

Hybrid Talisman: Renault will present Laguna successor Talisman at the IAA in Frankfurt, which will become available by the end of 2015. According to Renault CEO Stefan Müller, the sedan will also be available as a hybrid variant.
wiwo.de (in German)

Canada tightens regulation: Canada’s Tier 3 regulations will introduce more stringent air pollutant emission standards for new cars, light-duty trucks and certain heavy-duty vehicles from 2017. At the same time, they will also lower limits on the allowable sulfur content of gasoline.
greencarcongress.com, gc.ca


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