Airbus, Honda, quantum batteries, Skeleton Technologies.

Hypersonic hydrogen jet: Airbus has patented a plane that could fly from Paris to Tokyo in less than three hours. The hydrogen-fueled Concord successor would use three different types of engines, including rocket boosters, to jump above the atmosphere. However, so far, the jet is just a concept.

Power-Exporter-CONCEPTEV emergency response: Honda and Tottori University started field testing Honda’s Power Exporter CONCEPT 9000. The Inverter is designed to power external devices with up to 9 kW and could thus transform EVs and FCVs into mobile energy sources during disasters.

Quantum batteries? Quantum physics migth eventually provide a leap in battery technology, as researchers explore the quantum battery or “quantacell.” The latter could lead to a speedup through quantum entanglement, which provides shortcuts between charged and uncharged qubits. The denser the qubit thicket, the faster the charging.,

Ultracap starter module: Skeleton Technologies introduced a 24V engine start module called SkelStart ESM, which uses graphene-based ultracapacitor technology. It currently serves to start up trucks but might become available for electric cars soon, given energy density can be increased considerably., (electric cars, in German)


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