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audi-chinaAudi charges (in) China: The German carmaker is launching the A3 e-tron on the Asian market. By 2016, the Q7 e-tron and A6 L e-tron will follow. The A6 plug-in hybrid is produced exclusively for China and will be built by VW’s joint venture FAW Volkswagen at Chinese Changchun.

Insane is not enough: ‘Ludicrous’ is the latest mode available to those who got their hands on one of the first Tesla Model S with 90-kWh battery. The free Model X offered through the recent incentive scheme has found a home. Norwegian EV connoisseur Bjørn Nyland was the first to rally ten new Model S buyers. (Model S P90D), (Bjørn Nyland)

African PHEV: Ugandan Kiira Motors aims to build up production in the city of Jinja by 2018, planning to produce some 7,000 plug-in hybrids by then. The first model, the Kiira Smack, has a said electric range of 50 kilometres and will cost around 20,000 dollars.

Mild hybrid for India: Maruti Suzuki will launch its compact Ciaz as a mild hybrid variant in India shortly. The small hybrid system called ‘SVHS’ (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Maruti Suzuki) includes recuperation and is coupled with a diesel engine.

Formula E rotation: After Jacques Villeneuve ‘drove’ Nick Heidfeld out of his spot with Team Venturi yesterday, the latter already got a new job with team Mahindra. At the same time, Jean-Eric Vergne is moving from Andretti to DS-Virgin. (Heidfeld), (Vergne)

Clean sweep: Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Gtech branches out into the pedelec business, unveiling the ‘eBike.’ It comes with a small hub motor powered by a battery disguised as a water bottle. The concept resembles Porsche’s pedelec prototype from 2010 a well as British Cytronex’ hidden power e-bikes. (Gtech), (Porsche, 2010), (Cytronex)


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