Aug 14, 2015 - 08:40 am

Tesla, Volkswagen, Fisker, Toyota, Transport Malta.

Tesla wants to raise 500 million dollars in equity, saying it may even get 566.5 million if underwriters fully exercise their option to buy new shares. The EV maker will put 2.1 million additional shares up for grabs to finance the Gigafactory and Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to buy shares worth 20m dollars himself.,

VW updates: Volkswagen intends to issue the Tiguan as coupé by 2018, and also as PHEV variant, Autocar reports. Meanwhile, the Phaeton PHEV is delayed, says German WirtschaftsWoche. VW brand boss Herbert Diess believes the Phaeton first needs some pimping in order to compete with the upcoming BMW 7 and will thus be issued later than April 2017. (Tiguan), (Phaeton, in German)

fiskerThe New Fisker takes shape: The luxury carmaker has signed a 30-million dollar long-term lease for a 550,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Moreno Valley, California. Production might start already mid-2016 and the Wanxiang owned company says that it will employ up to 150 people at the plant.

Prius insights: New spy shots of the 4th generation Toyota hybrid offer a sneak peak inside the best-seller. The interior has been revamped and includes a pretty large infotainment screen.

Further funds to scrap: Transport Malta has added another 200,000 euros to its car scrappage scheme. The initially allocated 700,000 euros were used to purchase 892 vehicles. Furthermore, the incentive programme to buy electric cars and quads remains (we reported).


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