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Electric car sharing is hot in Austria as the government prolongs its support by another year. Municipalities can receive up to 7,500 euros per EV destined to share. So far, about 20 local communities have set up such electric car sharing schemes with more to come. (in German)

Tesla fleet trial: The All Electric Chauffeur Services offers short-term rental of the Model S for fleets. Corporate customers can experience real life with an EV for up to 48 hours or longer to see if it suits their needs. A chauffeur can be provided. The British firm wants to have 25 EVs by early 2016.

Honda tests its Power Charger with a Fit EV on Marshall Islands in the Pacific. The government of the republic endangered by climate-change is on board to see if electric vehicles and solar charging are a viable alternative to energy imports.,

Complementary Leaf: Buyers of a condo at Minto Westside in Toronto that purchase a parking space equipped with an EV charging station along with the apartment, receive a Nissan Leaf for free. The offer is valid for the first 20 customers.

Six new EV charging stations will be erected by Kansas City Power & Light at two sites along the Belt Highway. The stations by ChargePoint are part of KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network, where Nissan drivers and other partners charge for free in the first two years.


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