Nov 13, 2015 - 11:54 am

Volkswagen, BMW + Karma, Jaguar, Tesla, Hong Kong.

VW Tesla fighter? Volkswagen will fully electrify the Phaeton, rather than “just” offering it as PHEV. It could thus create a serious Model X competitor, German AutoBild speculates. The carmaker plans to build a common modular platform to be used in the Audi Q6 e-tron, Porsche Mission E and E-Phaeton. For differentiation, batteries, power electronics and electric drives will be modified. (in German)

BMW inside Karma: Karma Automotive (formerly Fisker) asked the German carmaker to supply charging, as well as electric drive train technology for its upcoming relaunch of the luxury electric sports car. BMW components could power the new Fisker already by 2016.,

The electric Jaguar might be introduced next year already and go on sale by 2017, Autocar reports. The then electric SUV will rely on the styling of the C-X75 super hybrid and possibly boast an electric motor in each wheel. If it keeps up the (E-)Pace, JLR will compete directly with both Tesla and Audi.

Ahead of the game: Tesla has ordered 2,500 license plates in Denmark. Prematurely so, says the Danish government, as it accuses the Californians of trying to get ahead of the waive of tax exemption. Tesla defends its measure as a realistic step to keep up with expected demand for 2016.

BMW PHEV pricing in the UK: The Bavarians announced UK pricing of its latest plug-in hybrid models, the 330e and the 225xe. The 330e plug-in hybrid starts from 33,935 pounds. For the 225xe, British consumers are asked to spend at least 35,005 GBP. Both will hit the market next spring.

Do not switch to Autopilot if you are driving a Tesla Model S in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has issued a warning for drivers that give steering out of their hands, as the software update has not been officially approved. Drivers could thus be breaking the law. Tesla says it is working with the authorities.


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