BMW, Empa, Nissan Leaf, methane cracking.

Wunderlich-Hybrid-BMWBMW motorcycle as hybrid: German aftermarket shop Wunderlich has added a 7.6-kilowatt hub motor on the front wheel to the BMW R1200GS LC. It can propel the bike up to 12 mph on its own (20 kph), helping with acceleration on the road and propulsion when off road. The battery nests under the machine’s front beak.

Green energy as fuel: Swiss research institute Empa kicked off project “move” to test the use of renewable energy to power vehicles. Over the next years, it will analyze long- and short-term energy storage methods during summer months. Stored in batteries or as H2, the green energy will then later be used to fuel vehicles.

Leaf brake issue solution: In March, Canada’s transport ministry had started to look into possible braking problems with the Nissan Leaf during cold weather. The Japanese carmaker says it can fix the issue without a recall by simply updating the software.

From methane to hydrogen: Researchers from the German KIT and IASS have developed a stable method for hydrogen production from methane gas. Using a process called “methane cracking,” the former is split into hydrogen and carbon without emitting any CO2. The H2 can then be used as fuel.,


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