Audi, Samsung SDI, Tesla, Tevva Motors.

Audi-h-tron-quattro-conceptAudi fuel cell concept: The h-tron quattro concept on display in Detroit is based on the Q6 and the e-tron concept. The h-tron’s fuel cell stack boasts 110 kW, complemented by a 100 kW battery. Range is estimated at 600 km and Audi aims to launch a production version by 2020.,,

Better batteries: A 600 km range is possible, says Samsung SDI, presenting their newly developed battery cells with a 20 to 30 percent higher energy density in Detroit. Currently at prototype stage, the Korean company believes the batteries will be ready for serial production by 2020.

Tesla updates Autopilot: Version 7.1 of Tesla’s on-board software is now available. The update tames self-driving capability in residential areas, limiting maximum speed to 5 mph above posted limits. It also optimises speed adjustments to make turning the corner or exiting highways more comfortable. Parking is also fully automated, meaning owners with a garage can now “summon” their car remotely.,,

Electric truck trial: British Tevva Motors retrofitted a 7.5 tonner by Chinese JAC with its range-extender technology. Using a 120 kW electric drive, electric range is given at 100 miles and increases to 370 miles once the diesel range extender kicks in. The project is supported by the British government.,


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