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Free EV sharing service: WaiveCar has kicked off in California. The carsharing service “waives the fee,” covering costs with on-car advertising instead. 20 Chevrolet Spark EV are available in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, where the first two hours are free. The company hopes to cover more areas around LA and extend its fleet to 200 EVs with digital billboards on the roof.
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CHAdeMO too rare? Mitsubishi will not add a CHAdeMO inlet to its Outlander PHEV models destined for the U.S. The company believes there are too few charging stations featuring the Japanese standard across the States, but will continue to include the standard in models on sale in Japan and Europe.
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Electric buses for India: The Indian government will fund an initiative in Himachal Pradesh state to acquire 25 electric Volvo buses, following the successful completion of trials there. A total of 35 million INR (about 520,000 dollars) will be made available. Charging stations will be set up at all district bus stations.

Micro Public Transportation magnified: Kandi announced that it had expanded its electric carsharing scheme to 16 Chinese cities by the end of 2015. The carmaker started its service in 2013, while MPT is now available in cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and others.

EV promotion: Kia joins the Go Ultra Low campaign in Britain. The initiative aims to increase EV use on the isles. The Korean carmaker intends to expand its electric offering beyond the Soul EV.


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