Skoda, Tesla, Riversimple Engineering, Chrysler, Hyundai.

Skoda-ViosionSSkoda envisions an SUV that will reportedly come as a PHEV to Geneva. The VisionS concept features an electric drive on each axle and a system output of 165 kW for 50 km range.,

Zero-interest Tesla loans: The EV maker offers Chinese buyers a zero-interest loan for financing the Model S with 90 kWh battery pack to celebrate the new year of the fire monkey. In the U.S., Tesla revived its referral programme, now offering the chance to win a Model X or a Space X tour. (China), (USA)

Compact FCV update: As Riversimple Engineering just presented its compact Rasa fuel cell city car, new details emerge. Range for the production-ready prototype is given at 300 miles on 1.5 kg of hydrogen, while supercaps store extra energy from KERS. Serial production is set for 2018.,

Chrysler EV? The new Pacifica debuted in Detroit, where GM also announced a PHEV version. Now a camouflaged Pacifica was spotted bearing an EV batch. Is there an electric Chrysler in the making?

First drive: Hilton Holloway put a Korean version of the hybrid Ioniq to the test and is convinced by its “simplicity” and effortlessness in a “refined” sense that is true to spec and targeted market.


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