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Mercedes-F015-Luxury-in-MotionMercedes eco sub-brand? Daimler could create a label for its electric offering, similar to BMW’s i-series, says Mercedes head of design Ola Källenius. Yet, the manufacturer will first focus on expanding the actual electric offerings like the Smart ED and the B-class first, rather than rebranding them. Especially as electrification will eventually “affect the whole portfolio,” according to Källenius.

NextEV is near: The Chinese electric hyper car is set to launch “somewhere in Europe” this year, but will be offered in China first. NextEV will compete with the likes of LaFerrari. But CEO Martin Leach, formerly Ford’s head of product development, stresses that the firm will aim for a “wider range of models.”

Corvette electrifies: GM is readying the mid-engine C8 Corvette to debut in Detroit in 2018. The news also spurs expectations to see the hybrid E-Ray Corvette by Chevrolet with an electric front-wheel motor by the end of the decade. GM has already trademarked the term.

Electric light CV: Renault Samsung Motors will build an electric light commercial vehicle with a targeted range of 250 km and will form a consortium with small local companies for the development. However, it could take at least four years until we see an electric truck, Renault projects.

Mitsubishi scandal widens: Emissions of the Outlander PHEV 2013 must be readjusted slightly as the carmaker used a lighter vehicle than legally required for fuel economy tests. The revelation comes amidst Mitsubishi’s confession that it submitted false emission data for most of its models over years.

The bigger picture: Tesla has been accused of paying workers building their paint shop only 5 dollars an hour. In fact, Tesla hired specialist firm Eisenmann, which in turn hired a subcontractor to recruit cheap foreign labour. While Tesla is not at fault legally, it says that does not escape moral obligation and will look into the issue., (accusatory article), (Tesla’s statement)


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