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Mar 22, 2017 - 09:54 am

VW, Citroën, Tesla, GM, NextEV, Formula E.

VW has chosen battery supplier: The Germans have moved on from planning to the next stage as the design of the VW I.D. built upon the MEB platform is to be confirmed by August. At the same time, battery suppliers were selected and are under contract already, although it has not been disclosed, who will power Volkswagen’s electric concept/s. Two more electric models are to follow until 2022 of which one will be the I.D. Buzz microbus.

Citroën electrifies further: The French now offer the E-Berlingo Multispace with an electric drive. It is the same motor utilised in the van version of the Berlingo already and offers a range of 170 km. The latest electric car joins Citroën’s EV range consisting of the C-ZERO, E-MEHARI and Berlingo LCV.
greencarcongress.com, autoevolution.com, youtube.com

Demand for Teslas remains high and the company has now started deliveries of its new 100D versions of both the Model S and X in the States. And as it just opened the first showrooms in Korea, cues are forming – there is a 6-month waiting list to test drive the Model S.
insideevs.com (100D), forbes.com (Korea)

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Bolt bargain: Chevy Bolt prices have gone below 25,000 dollars after incentives at some stores, which already started to apply discounts as they seek to move their inventory. Deliveries geared up lately but it remains to be seen if demand will keep up with the pace.
electrek.co, autonews.com

Chinese Google EV: China’s search engine giant Baidu has taken a stake in NextEV and its electric car brand Nio. Baidu had led a financing round that collected over 600m dollars in total.

New blood for Formula E: BMW and DS Performance have been granted manufacturer status through FIA for the Formula E. While Mercedes had secured its entry option earlier, it did not make it (yet) for the 5th season that will run throughout 2018/ 19.
motorsport.com, fiaformulae.com

Mar 1, 2017 - 05:38 pm

Volvo, NextEV, Renault, Nissan, Roborace.

Volvo tests first hybrid truck: The latest Volvo Concept Truck is the firm’s first hybrid truck developed for long haul applications. 30 percent of the time it may run on electric power thus saving about 10% of fuel and emissions. The I-See assistance analyses the topography and controls the hybrid system accordingly, i.e. it decides which propulsion, diesel or electric, is most efficient and when to best use recuperated energy. The latter is recovered when driving downhill, or when braking.
volvotrucks.com, youtube.com

The world’s fastest electric car just set another record, two actually. This time, NextEV sent its Nio EP9 hyper car on the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Not only did it set a lap record with a driver but made another fast round without a driver, too.
roadandtrack.com, jalopnik.com, electriccarsreport.com

First autonomous Zoe and Leaf: Nissan has started real-world testing autonomous Leafs in London after trials in Japan and USA. The Leaf uses ProPilot technology that enables single lane autonomous driving on motorways. At the same time, Renault-Nissan announced its cooperation with French transport provider Transdev to develop self-driving mobility services. Research will include tests with autonomous Zoes on the avenues of Paris.
autovolt-magazine.com (Leaf in London), greencarcongress.com (Zoe in Paris)

A racer rather than a real-word application is the Robocar, which Roborace presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The final version for the Formula E features 4 electric motor with 300 kW each and has a top speed of 320 kph with a 540 kWh battery.
electrek.co, electricautosport.com, engadget.com


Dec 5, 2016 - 08:41 am

Siemens, Valeo, Diesel, NextEV, Maven, Tesla, Chrysler.

Siemens and Valeo form alliance: The recently announced Valeo Siemens eAutomotive GmbH, a 50:50 joint venture, has begun operations. The company will focus on high-voltage powertrains for all forms of electrified cars, including hybrids. Jointly developed electric motors, on-board chargers, inverters and power converters are said to give the companies a more favourable position in the market.
greencarcongress.com, siemens.com

Good-bye diesel cars: The mayors of Athens, Madrid, Mexico City, Paris pledged they would ban diesel cars from their streets by 2025. Athens even wants to go one step further and get rid of all cars in in city centre. Meanwhile, from February 15th, 2017, Beijing will prohibit all cars that don’t meet emission standards from entering the city during smog alarm. The move could affect all cars that are ten years or older – or roughly 8 percent of vehicles.
theguardian.com, c40.org (diesel), channelnewsasia.com (Beijing)

Tesla-fighter from China: NextEV, who just unveiled its 1 MW hypercar, is reportedly also working on a Model X competitor. The electric SUV will be built in China together with JAC and is said to hit the road late 2018 or early 2019. Thanks to a 70 kWh battery pack, range is estimated at 330 miles (530 km), but more importantly, NextEV says it will be “cheaper” than the Tesla.


Maven comes to Germany: Opel will introduce GM’s mobility service Maven to Germany next year. Called “Maven home,” it will also employ the Ampera-e. The EV will first be available for selected hotels, apartment complexes and student housing, and will later also be used in a more conventional e-carsharing scheme.
automobilwoche.de, autogazette.de (articles in German)

Tesla goes on sale in Spain: The Model S and Model X can now be ordered in Spain, with first deliveries scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. The EV pioneer is also stepping up its game in terms of chargers there, installing more Superchargers and Destination Chargers at hotels, etc.
electrek.co, elpais.com

The first Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid rolled off production lines at the Windsor plant in Ontario on December 1st. The first electrified minivan will be available from just under 42,000 dollars in the U.S., where it also qualifies for the 7,500 dollar tax credit. Electric range is rated at 30 miles.
greencarcongress.com, insideevs.com

Nov 23, 2016 - 09:05 am

ICCT, Elon Musk, NextEV.

Study tip: According to research association ICCT, a CO2 cap of 70g/km is technically possibly and financially doable for the automotive industry. They could even reach that without having any EVs in their line-up, though if they did, investments would drop by 500 euros per vehicle.
theicct.org (study as PDF), greencarcongress.com

Reading tip: Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t only have fans. Though one opponent has attracted particular attention, as it turns out that he (or she) is fake. A Shepard Stewart published articles on different sites, but the author doesn’t exist. So, who is trolling Musk? Bloomberg took a closer look.

Video tip: Following the unveiling of the all-electric, 1 MW strong Nio EP9, NextEV has published the video of the hypercar’s record breaking lap around Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. With just 07:05.120, the EV even overtook the Porsche 918.

Nov 22, 2016 - 08:42 am

NextEV, Chevy Bolt, Finland, Smart ED, Tesla, WEC.

Nio-EP9NextEV unveils 1.000 kW racer: Curtain call for the Nio EP9, the Chinese company’s long awaited electric supercar. Four electric 250 kW motors catapulted the EV around the Nürburgring at a top speed of 313 kph, topping lap times set by the Porsche 918. The first units built by hand have already been sold. A small series production is set to kick off in China soon.
autocar.co.uk, carthrottle.com, electricautosport.com

First Chevy Bolt arrive at dealerships: Next week, the Chevy Bolt will arrive at dealerships in California and Oregon. However – many other U.S. states may have to wait another six months, as GM will roll out its EV step by step. But why so hesitant? GM says, they want to do it right and have had good experiences with the delayed availability of its second generation Chevy Volt.
insideevs.com (First Bolts), insideevs.com (delayed availability)

Finland to introduce subsidies? Helsinki seems to want push green cars and ponders a 100m euro incentive scheme. The goal is to have 250,000 EVs on the road by 2030, while the initial 25,000 buyers could benefit from 4,000 euros in subsidies. More details will be announced Thursday.

A city car, but not for all: Fun to drive, great turning radius, “zippy on steroids” – that’s how Autocar and Autoblog describe the new all-electric Smart Fortwo. Still, it is obvious to them that this EV only fits a particular lifestyle and with a realistic range of 75 miles, a charger should never be too far out of reach.
autocar.co.uk, autoblog.com

Trying out the Model S: Tesla kicked off its scheme “Drive to Believe” to convince western European buyers of its all-electric sedan. The EV maker will trade a Model S for a person’s car for one week. But there are only 25 spots – and the challenge ends December 31st.
teslarati.com tesla.com (application)

Hybrid Audi says goodbye with a win: The carmaker secured a one-two win at its last World Endurance Championship in Bahrain. Porsche secured the driver’s title, after the number two Porsche team of Neel Jani, Romain Dumas and Marc Lieb managed to place sixth in the championship.
motorsport.com, autosport.com, youtube.com (highlights)


Nov 15, 2016 - 08:57 am

Jaguar, Audi, Tesla, Hyundai, NextEV, Toyota.

Jaguar-I-Pace-Concept620Jaguar EV unveiled: The British carmaker as lifted the curtain on its first all-electric model, the i-Pace, at the LA Motor Show. The design is exactly what one would expect from a Jaguar. The 36 modules of the 90kWh Li-ion battery pack sits between two axels and allows for a range of 300 miles (500 km). The two rare earth magnetic electric motors deliver 300 kW and 700 Nm of torque. The i-Pace can be charged with 50 kW using CCS – possible 150 kW when production kicks off.
autoexpress.co.uk, digitaltrends.com

Audi has big electric plans for China: As part of the longstanding joint venture FAW-Volkswagen, the German carmaker is looking to introduce five locally produced e-tron models in China over the course of the next five years. That will include all-electric cars with more than 500 km of range, since Audi wants to offer at least one China-build EV in all volume segments. Moreover, Audi is considering working with SAIC in the future.
automotiveworld.com, volkswagenag.com

Price hike in the U.S.: Tesla is adding an extra 2,000 dollars to the price tag of it Model S 60 from next Tuesday, increasing the base price from 66,000 to 68,000 dollars. Considering the 60 variant was only reintroduced in June, some speculate that the “old” pricing was put in place to boost sales and reach sales targets.
insideevs.com, autoblog.com

Long range Ioniq EV: Hyundai will introduce its purely electric newcomer in Europe early next year, promising 200 km of range. At the same time, the South Koreans are already planning an Ioniq with a bigger battery for 2018, allowing the EV to go 320 km on one charge.

NextEV teased: The Chinese start-up will take the wraps off its hypercar next week, already giving us a little taste of what’s to come. At least in terms of headlight design. The EV could boast as much a one MW of power.

Toyota C-HR tested: The drive is “forgettable,” Autocar writes in its review of the Toyota five-door hatchback. Still, the design is said to conquer the hearts of Europeans, as the Japanese expect to sell some 100,000 units per year on the old continent. After all, it’s “all of those Prius characteristics” repackaged, so the driver looks like “somebody with, y’know, an active lifestyle.”

Oct 24, 2016 - 08:00 am

NextEV, Lucid Motors, VW, Mahindra, Ford, BMW.

NextEV-SpyshotFirst glimpse of NextEV: NextEV’s electric sports car was spotted in the Nordschleife of Nürburgring, where it appeared for a promo video allegedly. The Chinese firm based in California meanwhile added Jamie Carlson to its ranks as Senior Director of Advanced Technologies. He worked for Tesla and reportedly Apple on self-driving technology before.
youtube.com via autoblog.com, electrek.co (Carlson)

Atieva now Lucid Motors: The other Sino-Californian EV maker underwent a name change, probably to clarify its intentions to launch an autonomous electric car. More images of the latter have been released but remain rather indistinct. The new website is shiny however.
hybridcars.com, insideevs.com, lucidmotors.com

VW presented the Phideon, a sedan exclusive to China, that takes inspiration from the C Coupé GTE concept car unveiled at the Shanghai auto show last year. While luxurious, the PHEV aims at understatement, echoing the climate of reduction currently valued by the Chinese government.
europe.autonews.com, theglobeandmail.com (video)

Mahindra-e2o-plusMahindra 4-door EV: The Indian manufacturer launched the e2o Plus, a four-door electric car now on sale in India. It comes in four variants and a 19 kW electric motor coupled with a 48V battery. The premium trim features a 30 kW drive and 72 V power pack.
indianautosblog.com, fitnhit.com

Ford on green wave: The carmaker trials its Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) technology in Mondeo Hybrids in the UK for two years. The system gathers information on traffic light timings from a roadside unit and then advises the driver on the best speed to avoid stopping at a red light.
carscoops.com, fleetnews.co.uk

In with the new: The BMW i3 has got a bigger battery and long-time electric driver Michael Beinenson is sold. Not only provides the 33 kWh power pack more range than stated, the new trims also include a sun roof and the added weight gives the electric car more stability.

Oct 14, 2016 - 07:39 am

BMW, Audi, SsangYong, NextEV, Opel.

BMWi3-Protonic-Blue-300Another battery upgrade for the i3? Under pressure from the competition, BMW will again upgrade the battery pack of its i3 in 2018, German Auto Motor und Sport has learned. Due to better cell chemistry, the EV will then go 450 km on one charge according to NECD.
welt.de, automobil-produktion.de (articles in German)

Audi pulls the plug: The carmaker has stopped the production of its R8 e-tron sportscar, after building less than 100 units. Auto Motor und Sport meanwhile reports that following the electric SUV announced for 2018, Audi plans a Tesla Model S fighter one year later, as well as two smaller electric cars after that.
caranddriver.com (R8 e-tron), auto-motor-und-sport.de (new Audi; in German)

5-series with plug arrives in March: BMW has lifted the curtain on its seventh generation of its 5-series, said to arrive at dealerships in February 2017. The plug-in hybrid version 530e iPerformance will follow in March and boast 185 kW, as well as an all-electric range of 45 km.
greencarcongress.com, bmwgroup.com

E-SsangYong from 2019? The next generation of the Korando will include an all-electric variant, according to Dutch AutoRAI. The SsangYong SUV will then have a range of 300 km (NECD).
autorai.nl (in Dutch) via carscoops.com

Megawatt EV caught on camera: First photos on NextEV’s electric supercar have emerged online. The official presentation of the EV that boast more than 1 MW is scheduled for the 21st of November in London.

Opel opens new engine testing facility: The 210m euro Global Propulsion Center is located at Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Opel continues to work closely with GM facilities in the field of electric drivetrains.

Sep 29, 2016 - 07:54 am

Renault, NextEV, Opel, Macedonia, SF Motors.

400 km range Renault Zoe: Paris will see the introduction of the 2017 Zoe boasting a 41 kWh battery. It is said to last for 300 km in real life, but has a 400 km rating on the test cycle (NEDC). The electric drive is updated to 65 kW. The new Zoe can be ordered by October for deliveries from January, while the 22 kWh battery option continues to exist.
autocar.co.uk, electrek.co, insideevs.com

More electric goodness from Renault: A first teaser spot reveals Renault’s electric concept ahead of its Parisian debut. The TreZor Concept is powered by 260 kW and is said to accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Two batteries serve the juice. Most striking however, is the TreZor’s design.

Similarly striking is NextEV’s super sports car of which a first image has surfaced on the internet. The Chinese start-up is working on a 1 MW electric car, which will cost around a million dollars. Next up, however, is a more commercially viable EV, which would also be offered in larger numbers.

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Opel presents the Ampera-e live today from 12:15 CET. The show will be streamed from the Paris Motorshow.

EV incentives: Macedonia will subsidise purchases of electric cars with up to 5,000 euros from 2017. The incentive package includes tax reductions as EV buyers will pay five instead of 18 percent VAT. Further benefits are fast-charging and free parking. There is also support for converting to natural gas.

Chinese EV in the USA: Sokon from China founded a sub-label to bring its electric cars on the U.S. market. SF Motors has hired Tesla’s original co-founder, Martin Eberhard as a consultant. Eberhard worked with VW on their EV business in the USA and also made a brief appearance at Atieva previously.

Jun 24, 2016 - 09:06 am

BMW, Tesla, JAC Motors, Solar Impulse 2, NextEV, Mi Qicycle.

BMW-i8-Protonic-Red-EditionAll-electric BMW i8? According to Autocar, the BMW i division is working on an i8 variant powered by three electric motors. It will most probably be used as a safety car for the Formula E. If it will also hit showrooms is not clear. What is, is that the i8 will get a facelift. Performance will increase by ten percent, and the 20 Ah battery will be replaced with a 26 Ah system.

More room for the Model 3: In light of recent interest in the Model 3, Tesla is already planning to expand its Fremont production plant. The development will cost some 1.26bn dollars and the carmaker has applied for a 106 dollar tax relief in California.

JAC to arrive on European shores? The Chinese manufacturer may be considering producing electric cars and buses in Bulgaria to enter the European market. That is at least what the Bulgarian ministry of economics has announced. How concrete these plans really are – we will see.

Solar Impulse 2 crosses Atlantic: The solar-powered airplane has touched down in Seville, Spain, after flying across the pond for 71 hours straight. That is about 20 hours less than the crew had planned for. They had taken off from New York on Monday.
cnn.com, .bbc.com, solarimpulse.com

NextEV-LogoFollowing on Tesla’s heels: Chinese NextEV is testing its all-electric sports car in Europe these days, German Wirtschaftswoche reports. A limited number will be available from the end of the year. From the end of 2017, NextEV will take on the Tesla Model 3 with its own electric car fit for the masses and priced at around 50,000 euros. The Chinese are planning to sell 500,000 units per year.
wiwo.de (in German)

Affortable e-bike from China: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi now offers a foldable electric bike called the Mi Qicycle. It only weighs 14.5 pounds, comes with a 3-speed hub plus a 250W motor for pedal assist for about 45km. The price – only 460 dollars.

May 23, 2016 - 08:39 am

VW, Mercedes, Geely, NextEV, JAC, rimOnO, Formula E.

VW-Budd-eVW voices EV plan: The Volkswagen Group has officially announced their electric vehicle sales targets, planning to reach 1m sales by 2025. That means nearly one out of every ten vehicles sold by VW, Audi, and Porsche could be a hybrid or electric.
automobilewoche.de (in German)

Coming up from Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz is accelerating plans for new EVs, planning four new electric models by the end of 2020. Using the newly developed MEA platform, it plans two sedans based on the C-Class and S-Class, and two SUVs similar to the GLA and GLC. As reported, the fuel cell version of the GLC will launch next year.

London cabs go green: Chinese Geely Group has sold 400m dollars’ worth of green bonds to develop hybrid vehicles for its London Taxi Company. The manufacturer will move to a new factory in Coventry, UK, to begin working on a prototype of a plug-in variant of the TX5 taxi. Commercial sales of the new taxis are set for the fourth quarter of 2017.
telegraph.co.uk, bloomberg.com

JAC and NextEV make a deal: Chinese JAC Group and NextEV have signed a non-exclusive agreement to manufacture 50,000 electric and hybrid vehicles per year. The first model could be a high-end electric vehicle to be released in 2018.

rimOnO prototype: Japanese automaker rimOnO showed off their new electric personal mobility vehicle in Tokyo last week. The two-seater rimOnO is 2 m long and 1 m wide, and is equipped with in-wheel motors. The car looks slightly like an inflatable dinghy, as the body is made from soft material.

Buemi takes Berlin: Sebastien Buemi took first place at the Formula E race in Berlin, marking his third win of the season. He is now behind Lucas di Grassi by just one point. The championship will conclude in London on July 2nd and 3rd.
motorsport.com, fiaformulae.com, youtube.com (video)

May 18, 2016 - 08:16 am

Mercedes, NextEV, Corvette, Renault Samsung, Mitsubishi, Tesla.

Mercedes-F015-Luxury-in-MotionMercedes eco sub-brand? Daimler could create a label for its electric offering, similar to BMW’s i-series, says Mercedes head of design Ola Källenius. Yet, the manufacturer will first focus on expanding the actual electric offerings like the Smart ED and the B-class first, rather than rebranding them. Especially as electrification will eventually “affect the whole portfolio,” according to Källenius.

NextEV is near: The Chinese electric hyper car is set to launch “somewhere in Europe” this year, but will be offered in China first. NextEV will compete with the likes of LaFerrari. But CEO Martin Leach, formerly Ford’s head of product development, stresses that the firm will aim for a “wider range of models.”

Corvette electrifies: GM is readying the mid-engine C8 Corvette to debut in Detroit in 2018. The news also spurs expectations to see the hybrid E-Ray Corvette by Chevrolet with an electric front-wheel motor by the end of the decade. GM has already trademarked the term.

Electric light CV: Renault Samsung Motors will build an electric light commercial vehicle with a targeted range of 250 km and will form a consortium with small local companies for the development. However, it could take at least four years until we see an electric truck, Renault projects.

Mitsubishi scandal widens: Emissions of the Outlander PHEV 2013 must be readjusted slightly as the carmaker used a lighter vehicle than legally required for fuel economy tests. The revelation comes amidst Mitsubishi’s confession that it submitted false emission data for most of its models over years.

The bigger picture: Tesla has been accused of paying workers building their paint shop only 5 dollars an hour. In fact, Tesla hired specialist firm Eisenmann, which in turn hired a subcontractor to recruit cheap foreign labour. While Tesla is not at fault legally, it says that does not escape moral obligation and will look into the issue.
electrek.co, mercurynews.com (accusatory article), teslamotors.com (Tesla’s statement)

May 4, 2016 - 08:34 am

Geely, NextEV, Qiantu, Tesla, Porsche.

EmeraldElectric delivery: According to Autocar, Chinese Geely wants to not only build electric taxis in the UK, but its subsidiary Emerald Automotive could kick off the serial production of an electric delivery truck with range extender. The Emerald T-001 would have an all-electric range of at least 66 miles. Moreover, Emerald says it will partake in a tender from the U.S. postal service that is looking to renew 180.000 vehicles (we reported).

NextEV fires starting pistol: The Chinese start-up will invest 3bn yuan (463m dollars) in a new facility for the development and production of high-performance motors and components for electric cars in the city of Nanjing. The factory is said to open its doors in the second half of this year and have an annual production capacity of 280.000 units.

Electric roadster form China: The Qiantu K50 electric sports car was also shown as a topless roadster at the Auto China. Qiantu Motors is currently building a factory in the city of Suzhou with an annual production capacity of 50.000 EVs. The Qiantu K50 and two more electric cars will launch in 2017.

Tesla is not content with the recently decided incentive scheme in Germany. Only EVs that cost less than 60,000 euros qualify, even though Tesla’s all-electric cars replace the segment of true gas guzzlers. The Californians now offers an attractive leasing rate of 494 euros per months for the Model S 70 in Germany – with some strings attached. But nonetheless not a bad deal.

Tesla stocks up: The California EV maker has rented two large storage facilities near its Fremont production site – probably to store parts needed for the production of the Model 3. Meanwhile, Tesla wants to conduct a job fair this weekend to find “hundreds” of new production workers.
electrek.co (storage), electrek.co (jobs)

Porsche news for the U.S.: Porsche will offer the Panamera sports wagon variant in the U.S. – and as a PHEV, nonetheless. While it is sure that the car is coming, Porsche’s US Chief Klaus Zellmer said not to expect it in 2017.

Dec 17, 2015 - 09:36 am

Hyundai, Aston Martin, NextEV, JMC, ZEV Alliance.

Hyundai-IoniqTaking shape: Hyundai teases its Prius fighter Ioniq further, releasing two more photos. The electric triple – the Ioniq will be offered as EV, PHEV and hybrid – will reportedly hit the market in Korea next month already. The European premiere is most likely set for Geneva in March 2016.
autocar.co.uk, carscoops.com, worldcarfans.com

Sino-British EV? The LeTV and Aston Martin cooperation might take the shape of a British-built China EV, Autocar predicts, quoting an inside source. The internet company’s first electric car may be build in the carmaker’s Gaydon facility. An official statement only speaks of “manufacturing consultation on new electric vehicles,” however.

Sino-American EV: NextEV hired Padmasree Warrior, former head of technology at Cisco Systems, to lead the start-up’s U.S. operations as it takes on Tesla. The Chinese firm also counts ex Ford Managers Martin Leach among its ranks and has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Munich and San Jose.
bloomberg.com, fortune.com

Simply Sino EV: Four electric and hybrid models by JMC are to arrive on the Chinese market next year. The local manufacturer already launched the purely electric E100 in China and plans to annually produce 60,000 – 70,000 EV by 2020.

British Columbia joined the ZEV Alliance that aims for all emission free cars by 2050. After Quebec, BC is the second Canadian province to sign up. It has a network of a 1,000 EV charging stations and an incentive scheme in place since 2011. But with only 2,000 units on the road, EV uptake is still far from reaching critical mass.

Hybrid pick up: Ford CEO Mark Fields revealed in an interview that the F-Series will be available as a hybrid variant before the end of the decade. The partially electrified pick up is one of the brand’s initiatives that also include electric bicycles and ride hailing and carsharing services.
npr.org via hybridcars.com

Sep 23, 2015 - 07:51 am

PSA, Dongfeng, NextEV, Local Motors, Jordan, Mahindra Reva.

PSA partners with Dongfeng: Together, French PSA Peugeot Citroen and Chinese Dongfeng plan an electric vehicle for 2020. Furthermore, they will co-develop a shared platform for compact cars. Nonetheless, PSA will continue its current EV collaboration with Mitsubishi.

Up for the challenge: The start-up NextEV has raised half of the one billion dollars it seeks for its ‘Tesla-fighter,’ winning over Sequoia Capital and Joy Capital as investors. By the end of the year, the company plans to partner with two unnamed car manufacturers for production.

3-D printed car ready to order: Local Motors will take pre-orders for the first-generation of its Reload Redacted EV from next month via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Deliveries are set for the beginning of next year, while a high-speed version might be ready by the end of 2016.
3dprint.com, kpho.com

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e-mobil BW_Cluster ESW-ProjektEvaluation of integrated electric mobility: In the framework of the new project of the leading edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West “BIE”, cluster partners from industry and research develop supporting systems to enhance the integration and acceptance of electric vehicles. As an outcome, dedicated forecast models will allow, amongst other things, an enhanced range prediction for entire vehicle fleets and provide a comprehensive decision basis for individual users. emobilbw-sw.de

Free to register: The Jordanian government has now exempted electric cars from registration fees, amounting to about 9,000 dinar (12 dollars). Already last month, EVs were freed from custom duties and sales tax.

e2o review: This inspection of Mahindra Reva’s electric compact car concluded that it is lifestyle product. Writer Nithyanandh Karuppaswamy describes the e2o is “quirky, “saying that it “appeals to those that question the status-quo.”

Sep 17, 2015 - 07:35 am

GKN Automotive, Schaeffler, Daimler, NextEV.

Torque vectoring eAxle: GKN Automotive has revealed a new torque-vectoring axle technology for next-generation hybrid vehicles. GKN says the technology will help hybrids compete successfully against conventional powertrains on performance, not just efficiency.

Schaeffler unveils hybrid module: Schaeffler has introduced a new P2 high-voltage hybrid module at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Due to a significantly higher electrical output of 80 kW, it can be used in plug-in hybrid vehicles and will go into serial production for the first time in China in 2017.

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SiemensThe mobility of the future – powered by Siemens. As part of IAA 2015 from September 17 – 27, 2015, Siemens will present leading developments for topics like Connected Car, E-Mobility and Urban Mobility in the New Mobility World 2015 exhibition area. Learn more about our Siemens mobility portfolio. We are looking forward to your visit in hall 3.1 booth 17.

German effort on battery cells? The joint purchase of Nokia’s mapping division Here might not be the last cooperation of German carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler. Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche considered the possibility of a joint production of next-gen battery cells.
wiwo.de (in German)

Update on NextEV: Chinese electric-vehicle startup and Tesla rival NextEV has chosen north San Jose, California, as the location for a major R&D center, says Silicon Valley Business Journal. The 85,000-square-foot building will serve as a hub focused on energy technologies and connected car research.

Sep 2, 2015 - 10:00 am

NextEV, Peugeot, Maruti Suzuki, Mercedes, Chevrolet.

NextEV finds backers: Chinese internet companies are financing NextEV, a previously secret project said to rival Tesla, for which former Ford manager Martin Leach has begun hiring engineers (we reported). Experts from Tesla, BMW and Volkswagen are already said to be on board. An electric sportscar with more than 1,000 hp will arrive in 2016, followed by a series of high-performance family EVs.

Peugeot-FractalPeugeot to present electric coupé: The all-electric Peugeot Fractal concept will make its debut in Frankfurt later this month. The car features is powered by two electric motors (front and rear) with 101 hp each. Thanks to a 30 kWh Li-ion battery, range is said to be at 450 km (280 mi). The Fractal also has variable ground clearance, ranging from 70 to 110 mm.
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Ciaz SHVS goes on sale in India: Maruti Suzuki’s mild hybrid is now available from 823,000 rupees (12,446 dollars). The car features a Suzuki Hybrid Vehicle System (SHVS) and mild hybrid system. With 28 km/l, Maruti says that it is the most fuel-efficient car in India.
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Mercedes GLA with plug? According to German Auto Bild (and picked up by Indian Auto Blog), the new Mercedes GLA will arrive in 2019. It is said to offer more head- and legroom and will also be available as a plug-in hybrid variant.

Driving the Chevy Volt: Alex Davies from Wired got behind the wheel of the next generation Chevy Volt, saying the 2016 model is definitely an improvement. He especially noticed the increased electric range of now 53 mi and lighter engine. Still, Davies is not sure that GM has done enough to make the Volt compare with other EVs and PHEVs.

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16.08.2018 13:07