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Peugeot, Tomcar, Mugen, Tesla, Solar Impulse 2, Amiani Cycles.

Peugeot plugs in: The French carmaker’s plug-in range is to kick-off with the 3008 but only by 2019. Sitting on the EMP2 platform, the 3008 plug-in hybrid will be followed by pure electric versions of the 208 and 2008 at an even later date, Peugeot president Maxime Picat revealed.,

Underground EV from Down Under: The Tomcar LV1 is the first EV made in Australia but designed for the mining industry. With a 100 kW electric drive train that is locally sourced from Energetique, the LV1 can be equipped with 12 – 20 kWh battery packs. Deliveries are set for early 2017.,

Third TT Zero entry: Mugen is to compete on the Isle of Man again. For this year’s TT Zero race, the company presents the Shinden Go electric motorcycle that boasts a 120 kW motor but weighs only 250 kilos. A new best of 125 mph average speed is well within reach, the firm hopes.

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ZSW_UECT 2016Leading experts from industry, including BMW, Daimler, Honda, Porsche, Samsung, Tesla, and Varta, will meet the global science community at 15. UlmElectroChemicalTalks (UECT). Join the conference and discuss important aspects for safety and lifetime of batteries and fuel cells in daily life products on July 20th and 21th in Blaubeuren near Ulm.

Tesla to climb Pikes Peak: A modified Model S is to compete at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Driver Blake Fuller, CEO of Go Puck wearable batteries, developed a new battery pack for his Model S, which is said to be 80 percent lighter as it has less capacity than the original Tesla power pack.

The Solar Impulse 2 flew more than 1,000 km from Oklahoma to Ohio in 16 hours. It is the 12th stage of the solar airplane’s circumnavigation of the globe. The Swiss pioneers are en route to New York, the last stop before they will finally fly across the Atlantic.,

Carbon eMTB for $999: Californian Amiani Cycles is working on an electric mountain bike. To realise the 17-kilo carbon e-bike, the firm is looking for funding with a special offer on Indiegogo. The Kilimanjaro CF comes with a 350 W motor that is throttle-controlled and a 324 Wh battery.,


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