Interview: Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Linde AG.

“You need a comprehensive network first… And we have committed to building the first 100 stations or so, no matter how many or how few [fuel cell] cars there are,” Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions at Linde AG told during the Hanover Trade Show 2016. If someone is fuelled by hydrogen, than it’s this man! His company is setting up hydrogen filling stations across Germany and already has 50 FCVs in its fleet. Though the goal of setting up 50 H2-pumps by the end of 2015 was not met, Bachmeier remains optimistic: “It’s not so much a half a year earlier or later,” he says, but about setting up reliable infrastructure “in the right places.” From then on, H2 filling stations will be added as more fuel cell cars hit the road. And when they do, stations have to be as small as possible and high-performing. As for the location – setting up shop at an already existing petrol station can prove useful. So will it be battery-powered and fuel cell cars on the road, or will one outshine the other? Watch the whole video to find out what the Head of Hydrogen Solutions has to say about the issue.

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