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BYD, Mercedes, Zero, Toyota, Tesla, VW.

BYD dreaming bigger: The Chinese manufacturer says it will deliver 120,000 hybrid and electric vehicles in the second half of this year, double as many as last year. For future growth, BYD looks into building light rail vehicles like trams that could serve in 2nd and 3rd tier Chinese cities within five years.

Plug-in A-class: As Mercedes is readying the new A series set for launch by 2018, German media reports that a plug-in hybrid variant with an electric range of up to 100 km is planned as well. Spy shots show the the new compact Daimler but do not reveal a plug yet.
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Zero jubilee: For its tenth birthday, Zero Motorcycles issues the 10th Anniversary Edition DSR limited to 50 units. In a broader promotional effort, buyers of the Zero S, SR, DS, or regular DSR receive a 1,000 dollar gift card through the month of June. Those opting for a Zero FX oder FXS get 650 dollars off.

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ZSW_UECT 2016Leading experts from industry, including BMW, Daimler, Honda, Porsche, Samsung, Tesla, and Varta, will meet the global science community at 15. UlmElectroChemicalTalks (UECT). Join the conference and discuss important aspects for safety and lifetime of batteries and fuel cells in daily life products on July 20th and 21th in Blaubeuren near Ulm. www.uect.de

Toyota to continue legacy: Supra will indeed be the name of the hybrid sports car the Japanese carmaker jointly develops with BMW. Toyota registered the name in Europe, thus confirming its intentions as previously reported.

Tesla is in and VW is out of the top ten of the most valuable car brands. Toyota retains its pole position, followed by BMW and Mercedes Benz. Tesla ranks as number 10 for the first time and is only overtaken by Porsche. Together with Audi on rank 7, both brands keep VW in the game despite the diesel scandal.
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Model X review: Ahead of the UK launch, Autocar got in the new Tesla and finds the electric SUV “dramatic.” While some interior lapses and minor issues with driving comfort are mentioned with British roads in mind, the Ludicrous mode and easy if slow access via Falcon Wing doors work their magic.


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