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Volkswagen-E-GolfE-Golf available: In Germany, Volkswagen is now taking orders for its latest electric car. The e-Golf starts at 34,900 euros (47,700 dollars), including an eight-year battery warranty or 160,000 km respectively. Like the E-Up, the electric Golf comes with standard features such as a heated windscreen and LED daytime running lights. (In German), (In German)

Kia Soul in Geneva: The long-awaited Soul EV will make its European debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show alongside the updated Optima Hybrid. The two will be joined by Kia’s new 48 V mild-hybrid system, which is capable of driving a car in all-electric mode at low speeds and while cruising.,

Twingo in Geneva: Another highlight in Geneva this year will be the unveiling of the latest generation of Renault’s Twingo. With an electric version in the making, the Twingo will also serve as a base for the new Smart Forfour. So far, the third-gen Twingo reminds us a more of the Fiat 500 or Opel Adam though.

Supra set: Toyota made its decision that its FT-1 concept will indeed become a production Supra, according to a “source close to Toyota.” The Japanese carmaker is believed to be working on a smaller hybrid sports car too, expected by 2017.,

Hybrid Odyssey: Honda’s developer Takashi Shinchi said the Japanese carmaker is considering to introduce a hybrid version of its Odyssey on its domestic market but no decision has been made yet. The Odyssey’s ultra-low floor makes it particularly tricky to integrate a battery.,

New e-bike brand: ‘Ariel Rider’ has started its work on electrifying cruiser bicycles. These new alloy bikes have no-plastics frames but come with details such as stitched handlebars or automatic LED lights. Behind Ariel Rider are the same people who launched e-Bann bikes.,


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