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BMW, Tesla, JAC Motors, Solar Impulse 2, NextEV, Mi Qicycle.

BMW-i8-Protonic-Red-EditionAll-electric BMW i8? According to Autocar, the BMW i division is working on an i8 variant powered by three electric motors. It will most probably be used as a safety car for the Formula E. If it will also hit showrooms is not clear. What is, is that the i8 will get a facelift. Performance will increase by ten percent, and the 20 Ah battery will be replaced with a 26 Ah system.

More room for the Model 3: In light of recent interest in the Model 3, Tesla is already planning to expand its Fremont production plant. The development will cost some 1.26bn dollars and the carmaker has applied for a 106 dollar tax relief in California.

JAC to arrive on European shores? The Chinese manufacturer may be considering producing electric cars and buses in Bulgaria to enter the European market. That is at least what the Bulgarian ministry of economics has announced. How concrete these plans really are – we will see.

Solar Impulse 2 crosses Atlantic: The solar-powered airplane has touched down in Seville, Spain, after flying across the pond for 71 hours straight. That is about 20 hours less than the crew had planned for. They had taken off from New York on Monday.
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NextEV-LogoFollowing on Tesla’s heels: Chinese NextEV is testing its all-electric sports car in Europe these days, German Wirtschaftswoche reports. A limited number will be available from the end of the year. From the end of 2017, NextEV will take on the Tesla Model 3 with its own electric car fit for the masses and priced at around 50,000 euros. The Chinese are planning to sell 500,000 units per year.
wiwo.de (in German)

Affortable e-bike from China: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi now offers a foldable electric bike called the Mi Qicycle. It only weighs 14.5 pounds, comes with a 3-speed hub plus a 250W motor for pedal assist for about 45km. The price – only 460 dollars.


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