KEPCO, Go Ultra Low, Chargemaster, Tesla, Streamline Taxi.

Phone to EV charging network? Korea’s KEPCO has kicked off a pilot programme in Busan to test whether telephone poles can be converted to charging station with three types of charging. If it works, it could make plugging in in South Korea much easier.,

UK goes electric: The Go Ultra Low campaign in Great Britain estimates that more than 1.3 million electric cars will be newly registered there every year. If their forecast is right, electric power could become the leading form of propulsion on the Iles by 2027.

Cheaper home chargers: Chargemaster is making Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV drivers in the UK a special offer, selling their domestic charging point package for 149 pounds. That’s up to 205 pounds less than what the units are typically sold for. Installation is included but must be completed by October 31st.

Tesla has fasted charger: Ecotricity had complained about Tesla saying that it had the world’s fastest charger currently available, a claim that was now confirmed by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. The ASA also accepted calculations for savings that Model S owner would have as being based on realistic petrol and electricity prices.

Hybridised: York-based Streamline taxis has added new Toyota Prius to its fleet, after recently purchasing 18 Auris hybrids. The company plans to grow its hybrid fleet. The city of York was awarded Go Ultra Low status in January.


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